As I told you girls before when Lil man was a few months old and up every hour at night to breast feed, the only thing that kept me sane was watching infomercials and QVC.  I love that channel! QVC had a recent beauty  breakfast to showcase their newest items and Beautylogic was invited. Please note: My hair is a hot mess because honestly I didn't comb it in the morning. Lil man was being extremely fussy and I didn't have the time. I did my makeup on the subway, and totally forgot to bring a comb with me. Don't judge me, that's the life of a busy mom. lol. Anyway,  back to the beauty expo, one of the Queens of QVC, Mally Roncal was there.She was showing her Mally Share the Love 8 Piece Collection set and her Ginormous Mascara. She also did my makeup.

Temtpu was releasing their newest addition to their airbrush line which was their bronzer.

So pretty on my skin.

Then Philosophy was showing  their Miracle Worker Kit and their newest blush. That woman pictured next to me had the most flawless skin ever! And when she revealed her age to me, I was in shock! She looked at least 10 years younger. She told me it was all Philosophy stuff.

Because my babysitter threatened if I didn't come in two hours, she would never babysit again, I had to leave super quickly. But other brands that were there were:
CellCeuticals, I reviewed one of his products a while back here.
Laura Geller, (Her new bronzer looks out of this world, test driving it this weekend.)
Josie Maran. I've reviewed one of her eyeshadow palettes before here.

Gosmile (Yay, the guy said I had really white teeth)

 Nicholas Perricone. I love his book The Wrinkle Cure. He's another dermatologist that believes that topical solutions will work, but anti-aging begins from within.

All in all QVC really knows how to throw a party. Please note that all pics were provided by Kristen Somody Whalen.



Anonymous said...

Wow. How frustrating! You complain about your babysitter A LOT...maybe it's time for a new one?! GOOD LUCK w/ that!!!

kimmy24 said...

i love mally she is beautiful

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