Keratin Perfect-New Product to Watch Out For!

Premiering This Week at Sephora

A lot of you girls have e-mailed me about keratin treatments. I haven't had it done, nor will I, but here's a new product coming out next week in Sephora which allows you to do it at home. 

KeratinPerfect, the first-of-its-kind at-home keratin smoothing system and product collection!
According to Keratin Perfect PR "There is nothing else like this on the market as it is ONLY created with good-for-your hair ingredients (absolutely NO formaldehyde) while infusing 40% keratin back into the hair with each use. KeratinPerfect also promises to cut blow drying and styling time and half, while de-frizzing your hair."
In addition to the at-home smoothing kits, they will also be introducing a full keratin-rich product line for everyday use.
This might be something to look at if you're interested in trying keratin.




Clariza said...

While here in dominican republic i had a keratin treatment done. I have naturally curly vigin hair. During the summer months i like to wash and air dry. I luv my curls but w so much island humidity, it was nearly impossible to let my hair dry naturally without it becoming one huge frizz ball. I was hesitant at first but the company stylist of the product gave me tons of info and assured me it would be safe.
Well ive had it for a couple months now and i love it! It definately lossened my curls, but it added a healthy shine and thickness to my hair. I was told i should avoid salt water and if i work out i need to put it up. Its supposed to wash out within 4 months (also depending how often u wash your hair). I would recommend it to anyone w really frizzy hair esp during summer months. If i lived in DR full time i would def do this treatment again! Its very expensive in the states, but hopefully this new product will work just as good!

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