New Boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips

Remember when we first reviewed Boscia's Black Mask. If you don't click here. That little boy still thinks I'm the boogy monster and runs every time he sees me. Anyway, I really ended up loving that mask and I still use it once a week. Now Boscia has released their new Pore Purifying Black Strips.I used to have ridiculous amounts of black heads on my nose, (seriously a lot of times many estheticians could never extract all of them because there was just so many) but with regular facials and treatments, they aren't as bad as they used to be. However, I've still got some.
Why am I trying to look sexy in this pic when I have a pore strip on my nose?

These Boscia Black strips contain Charcoal powder (like the mask) that draw out impurities and detoxifies, silica which controls excess oils and Witch Hazel which is a natural astringent. I was so excited to try these. (Like I said before I loved that mask!)So I quickly put the strip on my nose and played with lil man. He kept staring at me with a weird expression as if asking:.

After about 15 minutes of Lil Man trying to rip my nose off, I removed the strip.
Here it is, loaded with massive gunk. Yuke!

I really like these strips.
They definitely get the job done. 



Product sent for review. 


Nicole C said...

thanks for the review Milly! i might go buy them today. hopefully they work!

Weather Anchor Mama said...

Thanks again for posting on my blog, weather anchor mama. I love your blog, and your son is absolutely adorable!

Dubbskii said...

I was wondering about these. Do you think these are more effective than the Biore strips? I'm on a super duper budge.

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