Obagi Professional-C Serum 20% & What I did last week!

It's the policy of Beautylogic to wait six weeks to test a skin care product before giving a review. With this product-Obagi Professional-C Serum 20%,  I've only waited five. Why? Well the results are pretty impressive. As I've told you gal before, Vitamin C is one of the effective  antioxidants you can use on your face. But not just any Vitamin C. It has to be a stable form of vitamin c because not all vitamin c's work topically. The Obagi Professional C-Serum 20% comes in a dropper, and contains 20% Vitamin C. There are less percentages available as well, just in case your skin is super sensitive. Vitamin C is responsible for collagen synthesis. Collagen is what keeps your face plump and wrinkle free. I apply about five to six drops on my face every morning and evening before bed.  The smell of this is very light, almost citrusy but not quite. This leaves your skin with such a beautiful glow.  I really can't describe it. My skin looks luminous! Lately, since my hyperpigmentation and acne are almost gone (I'm doing my follow up post either this week or next week on how I got rid of it.) I've been more comfortable without foundation. So I use this serum, wait about 5 minutes for it to absorb, and then apply my moisturizer with spf of course. I've gotten so many compliments on my skin, and how healthy it has been looking lately. This is truly a winning product!
If you're trying to anti-age (which you better be) or are trying to even out your skin tone, I highly recommend this product.

How was your weekend/or last week loves?

I hope it was highly productive and you are making all your dreams come true. 

Mine was pretty sweet.

Cassie is back in town so we got to hang out.
We were totally not trying to match.
We had no idea we would both be wearing checkered dresses.
If you're wondering, my shoes are from Zara.
I'm all about color this season.

Here's something really cool.
My hubby was hosting a huge event at Times Square
and he was all over the Times Square jumbatron

Cassie and I both read a really great book which we recommend to all single women. Stay tuned for the review this week.

Over the weekend Cassie, and I got together and went to a street fair.

New York has the best street fairs.

Hope you had an amazing weekend and if you're a mom, an AMAZING MOTHERS DAY.

Oh by the way winner of Lorac giveaway is Tralonda.
Tralonda you have two days to get back to me or we will have to give this to someone



Obagi provided by pr for review.


Green Shushi said...

Those are some nice shoes!

mrsbee said...

OMG! I won...I absolutely love this blog!!!

TheFabChick said...

FYI...absolutely love the shoes!!!!!

Ms. Fancy Pants, Dresses & Skirts said...

I so wish I could go to Zara and H&M! My state is lacking :)

Anonymous said...

i recently starting using skinceuticals c&e serum which was recommended by my derm and i have to say i see a dramatic difference in my skin already. I was told the skinceuticals is even better than the obagi although obagi is great too.. both contain a stable form of Vit C. Love your posts!

kepsgrl said...

Just stuumbled upon your blog and love it! Looking forward to being a regular. :)

obagi Philippines said...

Great contribution you have there!
This can be of help for people who wants to try this Obagi product. Will certainly visit your site more often now.


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