Ruby Kisses Very Sexy Mascara-Great Mascara for under $5

Drugstores are seriously kicking butt when it comes to their mascaras. Last week at The Makeup Show, I received a sample of Ruby Kisses Very Sexy Mascara  in my blogger goody bag and I was honestly shocked at how well this worked. I believe this retails for like 3 bucks. At first when I saw the brush, I wasn't too impressed. It looked pretty basic. Yea it had a lot of fibers but nothing that I hadn't seen before, and come on, this product is like 3 dollars. It can't perform that well....or so I thought!

When I first applied, you should have seen my face. My mouth was wide open in shock!  (Kind of how I felt when I found out Arnold Schwazenegger cheated on his wife. Can you believe that sob?) Anyway, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. This $3.00 mascara was giving me results close to a mascara that I have that's over $20. Finally I just had to put the more expensive mascara on the other lash. And when it came to lengthening and volume, well wow, this mascara beat out the more expensive one, hands down. Lengthening, Volumizing, No clumping, EVERYTHING a mascara needs is in this, except that this isn’t waterproof. When I rubbed my eye during the middle of the day, I had a lot in common with a raccoon.  If there’s a waterproof version of this, I’m on it. This mascara is so good, and for under 5 bucks, holy moley!

To the Left is my $22.00 mascara to the right is Ruby Kisses $3 Mascara




SanTara said...

I have this! *goes to pull it out of the stach* thanx for the review M :-)

Michelle Daniels said...

which drugstores sell this?would love to try it!

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