Australian Organics Nourishing Restorative Conditioner

I have a confession.
Every day, I go to TJ Maxx to window shop.
I can't help it. I love that store and I love the beauty department.
I have found so many amazing beauty products there.
Seriously flat irons for almost nothing (like 20 bucks), and so many great items for under $10 bucks. (I love saving money.)
Two weeks ago, lil man was crying hysterically so we headed on to TJ Maxx to see his favorite girl in the jewelry department. (We go there so much we've made friends. lol)
Anyway, while we were there I picked up a deep conditioner called Australian Organics Nourishing Restorative Conditioner.
It contained pure essential oils like peppermint, wheat protein, pro vitamins and organic plant extracts. It sounded good, and was super cheap at $4.99.
I've used it a few times, and I'm in love.
It has a slight minty scent, and it's not very thick.
I've been applying it to my hair when it's dry. I hear that's how they deep condition their hair in Europe.
Wow, this conditioner leaves my hair super shiny, bouncy (not weighed down at all) not tangled and just gorgeous.
And for $4.99 (at tj maxx) I'm super in love.

Totally random, but if you're ever in NYC during the summer go to the Highline. Yesterday it re-opened,and I was attending a Smashbox event nearby, so I took a walk on it. I love the Highline. It's like a pretty walkway throughout New York. Special thanks to the 86 year old man from Canada who took my picture yesterday.

My hand looks broken in this pic.
Oh well.

Are you a TJ Maxx aholic too?
Have you tried Australian Organics conditioner?
What's your favorite deep conditioner?




Shana said...

I love love love finding beauty bargains in places like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross! And you are serving it in that dress babe, yes ma'am. I will have to check out the Highline. Looks really nice

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