Mario Badescu Summer Shine Body Lotion

I always feel a little bit sexier when I add a little body shimmer around my decolette area, and my legs.
But, during the daytime I don't want to use anything too noticeable.
Step in Mario Badescu's Summer Shine Lotion.
I love this stuff.
It gives my skin a subtle gorgeous  shimmer.
Nothing too cray cray for the daytime.
It's really moisturizing too because it  contains peanut oil, and it has a slight scent of coconut.
Perfect for the daytime if you want to give  your skin an extra vava voom factor.
I wouldn't use this during the night though, just because I like a lot of VAVAVoom in the evening.
But during the day, this is what I'm grabbing.
Trying to show you girls the shimmer but I think all you see is how dirty my windows are, lol

What's your favorite go to shimmer?




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