Maybelline SuperStay 24 Color Timeless Rose & Clarisonic Winner

A funny thing happened a month ago.  I went to the drugstore with Lil Man in search of Revlon's newest foundation. Since the only shades the store had were way too light for me, I  decided to take a walk around the beauty aisles. Now that Lil man is 1 years old, I always have to make sure his hands are filled with something so he can entertain himself, or he will scream bloody murder in the store and make a scene. So I quickly grabbed a random Maybelline Lip gloss which turned out to be Maybelline SuperStay 24 Color and gave it to him so he could keep his hands busy as I walked around the beauty aisles. When I wanted to leave the store, I tried to grab the lipgloss and put it back on the shelf, but he started throwing a tantrum and screaming bloody murder so I quickly paid for it before he really embarrassed me and ran out. When we got home he lost interest in the gloss, and started playing with his toys. I grabbed the gloss, and took a look at it. It was Maybelline SuperStay 24 Color in Timeless Rose.

I had seen the commericals and had meaning to get this but kept forgetting. At least one good thing had come out of Lil Man's tantrum. When I tried the color I was very pleasantly surprised.  Timeless Rose, is an opaque brown pink shade, a lot darker than what I normally wear but I loved it.

So basically with this product, there are two sides. One with the lip color, and the next with the balm.

I put the lip color on, waited about three minutes then applied the balm. The color was gorgeous, really pigmented, and at first felt so soft on my lips. However, after about 5 hours, I took a look in the mirror and was shocked. Although the lip color was still going strong my lips looked as dry as the sahara desert and my lip lines looked really noticeable. Yuke!  I reapplied the balm, and my lips looked really good again, but again after a few hours, I had to reapply the balm again or my lips began looking really dry and my lip lines were so prominent, it was a little crazy. So here's the skinny. The shade I tried was gorgeous, opaque, extremely pigmented, and soo long-lasting and it doesn't come off. You can eat, drink and this color stays put.  However, if I didn't apply the balm, after a few hours my lips looked incredibly dry and had serious lines-lines I didn't even know my lips had. You decide if it's worth getting. I would probably use it again just because I honestly loved the way it looked for those first five hours.

Have you tried this product?

What were your thoughts?



I'd like to thank Clarisonic for sponsoring our kickoff 4 year anniversary giveaway. The Winner of 2 Clarisonics according to is LOGAN Comment #38
Logan, you have to get back to me by Sunday night or we'll have to give this to someone else.

Have a great weekend everyone. More giveaways in honor of our 4 year anniversary coming so stay tuned.


Summer said...

Long lasting lip products ofen look dry on my lips as well! I guess if you keep using the balm it would look okay? It looks like such a gorgeous color! <3

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