I'd like to start this off by saying I love Mr.Milly. He's adorable, incredibly brilliant and shows me everyday by example that if you believe in yourself anything is possible. So when I asked him to make BeautyLogic a Father's day guide maybe I expected too much. When he gave me this list, I laughed out loud and asked him where the rest of it was. He looked at me in shock and responded, "What do you mean, this is it. It's a good list!" So without further ado, here's Mr.Milly's Father's Day gift guide. Please don't judge him, he's a busy man....... *side eye**

"Hey ladies,

It's Mr.Milly, I'll be honest and tell you that men are pretty simple. We don't need a lot of bells and whistles when it comes to our gifts. So here are some gifts that I hope Milly will get me for Father's Day.

Ipad 2-If your significant other/dad travels and works away from home a lot, this is a great gift to give him. Probably the best gift you can give. Milly did you hear that, BEST GIFT YOU CAN GIVE!

Men's Clarisonic

After seeing what this product did for my wife's skin, I tend to use her clarisonic A LOT (with my own brush head). It would be nice not to use her hot pink clarisonic and get this color instead. If your Dad/father of child has problem skin, this is a great product.

Camera-Any good camera will do. But I like this one.

Gift card to Favorite Store-

You and your significant other may have the same taste in clothes and you may not. Safest bet, get him a gift card to his favorite store. He'll love it.

Alright, hope this helped."

ummm, thanks Mr.Milly for this short and well thought out list. **side eye**
You won't be getting dinner tonight.




Ericka V said...

He is least my mister is simple when it comes to this. You guys seem like a very cute, fun couple. I liked this post.

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

Great post! and I wouldn't complain - easier on you and you can spend more time browsing for yourself! hahaha! Totally kidding!

Shana said...

hahahahahahaha you better give him dinner and everything on this list...I mean it is so short how could you NOT get everything on the list! LOL Great post guys!

The Anti Hair Slave said...

At least you got this... my boyfriend gave me links and nothing else. No words to explain the gifts, no intro, NOTHING. Just a list of links. LoL

Natakue said...

Hahaha! Love the not-so-subtle hint about the iPad.

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