Somerville360 Tanning Towelettes by Kate Somerville: Perfect for Sunless Tanning

Hey loves, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty calm.  On Sunday my mother-in-law took little man for the day (God bless her, because I was exhausted lol) so I had the whole day to myself. Mr. Milly and I went out to lunch, but then after we ate, I told him I needed some ME time, and headed back home. Now that the spring/summer are here, this is my favorite time to start tanning-SUNLESS TANNING. I don’t do the real tanning because that will just give you wrinkles and age you (believe me it will). Although I was born with a tan complexion, I do love to intensify my color during this season. I was sent  the Somerville360 tanning towelettes by Kate Somerville and couldn't wait to try them. When I got home, first thing I did was exfoliate my face and body with my Clarisonic If you don't have a Clarisonic (FYI, I'm giving two Clarisonics away either the end of this week or next week), Fake Bake makes a great pre tanning exfoliater too. Since these towelettes are supposed to be hydrating to the skin, I decided not to use a moisturizer (that's a huge risk and can lead to streaky tanning, but I wanted to see if these towelettes lived up to their claims).  First thing I noticed when I opened the towelette packaging was that they were pretty thick. 

One towelette is definitely enough for your whole body. I applied the towelette in a circular motion on my my face and body. I noticed that there was not a very strong scent, and I really loved the fact that this had no parabens.As soon as I finished using the towelette, I washed my hands thoroughly (didn’t want my palms to turn brown). After I finished, I got into my bed, turned on my Golden Girls DVD, and fell asleep. Usually I wouldn’t go near my bed  after sunless tanning for fear of  my sheets turning brown, but I was so tired, and I had also heard that this product didn't stain. Anyway, when I woke up two hours later my sheets were NOT brown, and best thing was I looked like I had spent the day at the beach. Just a gorgeous EVEN sunless bronze glow and my skin felt really soft and smooth, like I had applied a moisturizer.

Here's my forehead before. (Don't judge my eyebrows, trying to grow them!)

 Here's my forehead after:

I love these and will be using them regularly. 

You can order them here.



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nyccurls said...

Oh wow this might be exactly what I need! I have been researching sunless tanners and wasn't sure which one to try (I am a sunless tanning virgin!). I'll have to take a look at these! Thanks!

BonafideLatina~ said...

Niiice! I need to try these! :)
And no worries on the brows I have been there.. Glad to have my brows back into their natural shape ;)

RenvieanneMO said...

hmmmm nice. I think I'll be purchasing these. ;)


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