TopShop Beauty Goodies & Weekend Update

Hey loves,
how have you been? I've missed you. I've been MIA for a few days. Next week is a big birthday for me, I'm turning 21. (Stop looking at me that way, I've told you I'm 21 forever.) Anyway because hubby will be out of town on business, we celebrated this weekend, so I'll share that with you what we did at the end of this post, but for now, let's talk beauty. TopShop is one of my favorite stores in NYC. So many gorgeous clothes and accessories, and now MAKEUP at pretty affordable prices. TopShop recently sent over some goodies for BeautyLogic and here are some of my favorites.

First is this gorgeous Illuminator. It's called Cheeks but I used this anywhere that needs a  sun kissed glow, like the bridge of my nose, cheek bones, parts of my forehead, and even a little on my shoulders.

The Lip glaze in Bubble Gum-It's a  sheer pink, that  really brightens up any face. It's super long lasting and hydrating on the lips. I got a solid 3 1/2 hour wear and that says a lot (considering I lick my lips often and drink massive water -remember water hydrates the skin, hydrated skin is healthy, young skin).

Duo Eyeshadow in Solar cell .Wowza, this baked eyeshadow is gorgeous. I tend to stick away from turquoises, but it's summer time, I'm changing up my beauty routine, and this baked eyeshadow is so pigmented,  and really brightens up my eyes.  Also, both colors work stunning together and blend really well. With that hint of blue, I call this the perfect duo for a Summer Smokey Eye.

I'm loving the nail polish colors too. I'm currently testing them to see how long they last so will get back to you soon. 

 As I said it was my 21st birthday celebration so hubby and I headed to the Hamptons for a fun-filled weekend.
Our first night, we went to a white party. Super fun.

Second night, we went to a Jersey Shore themed party. I didn't know it was a Jersey Shore themed party until 30 minutes before we were supposed to leave, (Hubby did not tell me) so I had to figure out how to get my Snooki on in 15 minutes. So I rocked a poof, and a face that I've seen her make before on the red carpet.

The last night was a lot of fun. Our friends had a really cool Calypso themed party at their house and The Roots performing.

Great time, and a great way to celebrate my 21st birthday (you only turn 21 once right, well in my case over 5 times already and many more years to come!) lol,

This week we're continuing our giveaways, so stay tuned.
And of course more beauty, and Life advice.
I learned a lot this weekend. I met many people who had the courage to make their dreams come true, even when all the odds were against them. They didn't care, and they went for it. So of course I'll be sharing some life advice.   But for now, I leave you with this quote by Walt Disney.
All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.




Michelle said...

Hi Milly,

What color is the Cheeks Illuminator? Is it Bronze? I just went to the website and seeing how awesome it looks on you, I really want to get some. :)

beautylogicblog said...

Yes doll, it's bronze. Hugs

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