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So remember about two months ago, I did a beauty tv segment on WPIX11 with morning anchor Tamsen Fadal. You can watch it here. Anyway, Tamsen is not only a news anchor but she is also a relationship expert, co-founder of the match making service The Love Consultants, author of three books: Why Hasn't He Proposed?, Why Hasn't He Called?,  and Don't Date Dumb. Since many of you girls, email me asking for dating advice, I thought it would be great to ask Tamsen for some dating tips.   So without further ado, let's talk to Tamsen about love, life advice and of course beauty.

1)   Tell me a little about yourself?
I am the early morning Anchor on WPIX-TV in New York City. I start my days at 2:30am, so I definitely get an early start!
I am the co-founder of a Matchmaking and Date Coaching service – The Love Consultants and have written 3 books, Why Hasn’t He Called?, Why Hasn’t He Proposed?, Don’t Date Dumb.

I am also a big beauty and accessory junkie and love fun handbags and jewelry!

2) How did you get into the matchmaking business?
My husband and I came to NYC and realized the dating landscape seriously favored the men. There are more than 200k more single women than men on the island of MAN-hattan. We started out by interviewing hundreds of bachelorettes to see what they were looking for in a man and hundreds of bachelors to see what their must-haves were in a woman. The Love Consultants™ Matchmaking & Date Coaching was born!

2)   What are 3 huge mistakes women can make on a first date?
1.   hint that they want a second date
2.   give too much information we call it TMTF (too much too fast)
3.   talk about the 3 M’s (marriage, mothers and other men they have dated !)

3)   What are mistakes that you see commonly that leads to breakups, in a relationship?
When couples are not on the same page and don’t communicate, it usually ends badly or at least it ends. We see a lot of breakups happen because people are talking but not really listening to each other.
Often women have one perception of where the relationship is heading and men are on another page altogether.

4)   What are some things women can do to keep their marriage or relationship alive? (Because you know after a while, it can start to get a little boring...)
It can start of get a little boring after awhile, so you have to remember that this person is with you because they want to be, not because they have to be.
We recommend people try to keep a first date mentality – that is where the excitement started.
-keep he/she surprised
-have something to talk about
-be curious together
-step out of the routine
-go someplace new
-be spontaneous

6)What's some dating advice you can give to single women?
1. Don’t be afraid to approach a man. This doesn’t mean you have to be aggressive and chase them down, but be bold, you may be surprised.
2. Be okay being single. I loved being a single girl on the go. Remember, it’s that inner confidence in where you are that takes you to where you are going.
3. When you talk to a man, don’t tell him everything in the first 10 minutes. I like a little mystery from both sexes.

Now since this is a beauty site, here are some questions: 
1)   What's your beauty regime?
 I can’t live without my Clarisonic. It makes me feel like I’m giving myself a facial morning and night!

I follow that up with Mama Mio’s Clean Slate – it smells fabulous.
June Jacobs has an amazing Cellular Collagen Eye Serum
And then I use Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Serum and Lotion.

2)   What are 3 products that are always in your makeup bag?
My MAC spice lip pencil.
Nars Orgasm lip gloss
PUR 4-in-1 Minerals Foundation

3)   What beauty advice can you give to women?
I have found that keeping my face moist has been ideal for my skin. Since I get up at 2:30am it’s not always easy to get 8 hours of sleep and once I hit the studio, I have makeup on my face starting at 3am. So, I think water is a must, a good skin care regime that you can stick too and I am freakish about staying out of the sun (my face especially) to avoid sun damage!

4) What life advice can you give to women?
         Learn how beautiful confidence is early in life. It took me a very long time to realize that. And, don’t look at other people and compare yourself. It can be easy to do since we are constantly inundated by social media sites and what everyone is doing every second of the day. It is important to stay focused and find something that you love to do and find someone you love to be with. Don’t settle. No matter what.

You can find out more about Tamsen here.

Thanks Tamsen, 




The Style and Beauty Doctor said...

Great tips!

Ugochi @ Beauty 365 said...

Oh my GOSH! I didn't know you were on the news! I was so busy with school that I fell off for a lil bit (but I'm back!) I just watched your clip! GO YOU!!!

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