Milani Haute Flash Full Cover Shimmer Lipgloss Review

Milani is definitely one of my favorite drugstore brands.  Their Coralina blush is one of my favorite drugstore blushes this summer. So when I heard they were releasing Milani Haute Flash Glosses which are a set of Shimmery full coverage lip glosses, you know I had to get my hands on them. FYI, these products are only available at CVS and only this July!

The gloss comes in four gorgeous shades
Left to Right: Flashy, Star Flash, In a Flash, Hot Flash
Flashy is a sparkling fuchsia, Star Flash is definitely a mix of shimmering lilac/pink, In a Flash (my favorite color) is a sexy shimmering deep purple (I never knew this color would look so well on me) and of course Hot Flash which is a bombshell shimmering Sexy Red.

These  are definitely full coverage. However, you can't just apply these without looking in the mirror. You do need a mirror to ensure that the color goes on exactly right. I applied these without a mirror and the color ended up applying uneven and I had some parts of my top lip covered and some not covered. But that's probably my only qualm with this product.  I like the longevity of these too. They last pretty long, even after I drank my green smoothie and they don't dry your lips out at all.

All in all these are pretty great and for $6.99 you can't beat it.



These were provided by pr for review.But come on, look at those swatches. You yourself can see how fabu these products are.


Cosmetic Passion said...

How cute! [referring to your heart-shaped swatches :)]

~ Khadine

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