My Internal Beauty Regime

 Many times I get emails from you dolls asking me what you can apply on your hair to make it grow, or what you can apply on your skin to make it look younger or stop the breakouts. I believe topical items work, but I really believe, a lot of hair health and skin health come from within. If you're deficient in a certain vitamin, you will definitely see it in your hair or skin. It's so interesting to me how so many women I know take amazing care of their outsides but when it comes to their insides, they don't give it any attention. The best dermatologists like friend to the blog Dr Murad and Dr. Nicholas Perricone, all agree that what you are doing internally is incredibly important for skin and hair care. I'm a little addicted to vitamins, and use them regularly. Don't think that my diet throughout the day is amazing, because it isn't. I'm a Latina girl who was practically born making fried foods and you know I love my meat (although I really did try to stop eating it). So although I don't eat that great, (I'm working on it ), I make sure I'm pretty religious with my smoothie and vitamins. Anyway I'm going to show you my internal beauty regime and let you know why I take each of these supplements  However keep in mind, I am not a Doctor, so if you decide to use these, take at your own risk.

1) Smoothie-I shot the video for how how I make it this weekend. Will post sometime next week.
I love salads, but don't have time to make them often. With my smoothie which is loaded with different greens, and fruits, I'm getting massive vitamins and minerals.
2) Zinc Picolinate-As I told you girls before, I went through a period where my face looked horrible. You can read about it here. Zits, hormonal acne, just bad. Once I began implementing Zinc picolinate, I saw a huge decrease, but remember I'm not a Doctor so consult your doctor before beginning any regimen.
3) Barleans Fish Oil (GET THE MANGO PEACH) Fish oils have so many great benefits, it's amazing. You can use Fish oils to improve your heart, proven to help with mood swings (which I needed help with too because I can be a little moody, lol), proven to help with skin and hair. I love my fish oils. If you're going to use Fish Oils, I highly recommend Barleans Fish Oil in Mango Peach. You will look forward to taking it. I made a mistake and recently got Lemon Zest. I hate the flavor and can't wait till I'm done with it to get mango peach again.
4) Prenatal vitamins. I still take these. Not sure why, but they have become my multi-vitamin.
5) Barleans Omega 3-6-9 Vegan-this contains flax oil, borage oil, and Plant based DHA. Again amazing for skin, hair, nails.
6) When I interviewed Dr. Murad he told me to make sure I added glucosamine to my diet, as it is amazing for anti-aging. As soon as I left him, I ordered some.
7) Co-Q10-another powerful antioxidant. Keeps your heart health great and powerful anti-oxidant.
8) DHA-Good for my brain.
9) Calcium Magnesium. I know way too many women in their forties and fifties who are in constant pain because they didn't take calcium growing up, so now they have osteoporosis. I plan to prevent that. If you are a woman, make sure you're taking Calcium before it's too late.
10) Coconut Water-Amazing for hydrating the skin. I put it in my smoothie a lot.

Alright, ths is it. Maybe you guys are thinking "Milly you're a little psycho with your vitamins." And maybe I am, but this is what works for me.

Remember, I'm no Doctor, This is just what I take. BEFORE TAKING ANYTHING, CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR.




J. Valeska said...

I literally plan to print this post out and take it with me to the! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the smoothie video! :)

Shay said...

Regarding the smoothie, when you add kale, do you cook the kale before you add it or add it raw? I tried adding it to my smoothie and it was very bitter. I usually have greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, coconut water and bananas, if I have any in the house. I'm looking to mix it up a bit. Also, I thought I was teh only one still taking my pre-natal vitamins. My son is almost 10 months old.

beautylogicblog said...

@j.valeska thanks angel.

@shay I never cook the kale. Cooking it will deplete many of the vitamins. Add a banana and apple, that should help with the taste.

Anonymous said...

I am so looking forward to seeing your video for your smoothie. I make my own but am not as consistent. Maybe I need a little variety.

This was a great post.

Ugochi @ Beauty 365 said...

i'm getting on the smoothie bandwagon! Do you have a Juicer?

Elizabeth said...

what blender do you use to make the smoothie?

Anonymous said...

you should also try evening primrose oil (pills) for hormonal acne. it cleared up my chin (hormone related) zits!

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