New JLO Jennifer Lopez Perfume Love and Light Review

 As a Latina girl growing up in NYC, Jennifer Lopez is a huge deal to me. (I’ll explain why later.) So  when I found out she would be on HSN debuting her new perfume Love and Light by Jennifer Lopez, I planned to call in and speak to her and tell her what she meant to me especially growing up. Sadly, every time I called, the lines were full and I never got a chance to talk to her. I was so disappointed but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her Love and Light fragrance and when it finally came in the mail, I immediately sprayed it on my wrist, and fell in love.

First of all the packaging is so glamorous. Check out that bottle. But, I expect nothing less from her! Love and Light on me, is a delicious  blend of jasmine and musk.There is a bit of patchouli but not an overpowering amount. This scent is so fresh and light and the staying power is great. I have used it in the morning and at the end of the night, still gotten compliments on it. I absolutely hate fragrances that are too strong, and this is just perfect for me.

I’m so happy that this scent worked for me just because honestly I adore JLO so if it didn’t work, I would have been highly disappointed. I have been a fan of Jlo since I was a teen, and first saw her in the movie Money Train. I remember looking at her and thinking “Wow someone that looks like me.” Before JLO, I rarely saw Hispanics in movies, and if I did see them they were usually portrayed in a negative light  But J Lo was something I’d never seen before. She was a leading lady and she was clearly Latina and proud. I also credit Jennifer Lopez with  making Hollywood realize that curves were beautiful. She also made a lot of Latinas, like myself who came from inner city homes, realize that it doesn’t matter where you come from, success is possible as long as you believe in yourself and work hard. Thank you for being an inspiration JLO, and also thank you for making my new HG summer fragrance. I've had Jennifer Lopez on my vision board for a few years now, so I'm hoping I'll get to interview  her one day for Beautylogic. Until then, I'll be enjoying her latest fragrance.

You can buy Jennifer Lopez's Love and Light on HSN. Click here.

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Betony said...

Wow! I think Jennifer is amazing too. Her beauty, pride and talent have been an inspiration to me for many years as well. My mom bought me Love and Light for my birthday and I LOVE it! I have Miami Glow from her collection end that's been my favorite for a long time until this one. L&L is soft and sexy. The boyfriend even said he liked it without being asked to notice! Now that's prettiy great, lol! Soooo happy I have this one!

BTW, your blog is amazing and so are you!

Miss Mandii said...

I think you could have not stated any better, exactly, how inspiring JLo is to many ladies out there. I'm a big fan also! I can't wait to try out her new scent for myself. By the way you are right up there with the ranks of JLO, you have become an inspiration to me as well!

beautylogicblog said...

@betony isn't it so delicious. Hubby loves it too.

@miss Mandii what you said, made me cry. Thank you babe, that means so much to me. Hugs and love to you

Women's Perfume said...

I love this fragrance so much! It was a pleasant smell...I highly recommend this fragrance. Its a "must have" for any Jennifer Lopez Fragrance collector.

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