Sonia Kashuk Bare Minimum Pressed Powder Bronzer

When Lil Man wakes up, I think this is his first thought of the day:

It's like he's a machine, and he just wants to destroy everything. He's now walking, and I've literally had to remove everything out of his way or it's getting destroyed too. He's destroyed my cups, my pictures, my frames, pretty much everything breakable, if he gets his hands on it, it's gone. LOL! Anyway last week, I was getting ready to do my makeup when I got an important phone call. I ran to grab the phone which was on the table, leaving my favorite bronzer on the couch. But then I remembered, LIL MAN was on the Loose, next to the couch!  By the time I turned to look (which was maybe 5 seconds later), he already had the bronzer in his hand, and had already thrown it on the floor and it was now in a million pieces.  I was devastated. Bronzer is kind of essential for me during the summer and this bronzer was over $20.00. I took the bronzer away from him hoping that there might be some remnants of it in the packaging, but nope it was all over the floor. So I swept it up, blamed myself for being so careless and was prepared to go to Sephora to pick up another bronzer when I remembered that I had recently been sent Sonia Kashuk's new Bare Minimum Pressed Powder Bronzer.

I picked it up and began to look at it. Could this give me the glow that my beloved higher end bronzer did? This cost $10.00. It sure did. This really gave my skin a warm, sun-kissed  just left the beach golden glow. You definitely can build on this product to get the glow you want. There is definitely a  hint of shimmer, but nothing crazy. During the summer, I tend not to mind shimmer so much.  It's really a great product and for 10.00, it's a steal.
Here's a cheek swatch:

 What are your favorite inexpensive bronzers?

Do you like Sonia Kashuk Products too?


Product provided by pr for review, but you know by now, if i I didn't like it, you wouldn't see it. 


Green Shushi said...

ugh--I hate that feeling when a pressed powder container is in mid-air about to drop on the floor.

Lil' man is getting cuter and cuter!

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

My favorite has been N.Y.C limited eddition matte bronzer that came out a while ago. It's perfect for my oily skin and it was very cheap....

Clariza said...

Im really feeling the Milani baked bronzer. I got mine at Target and ive not put it down once. I styled a shoot a cpl weeks ago n used it on the girls n they were instant fans. It looks gret on the shoulder n collr ones too! MHP (must have product).

Shay said...

This just happened to me. Put my makeup on the bed out of the reach of my 9 month old but forgot about my 5-year old. Came back to my loose powder all over the new clean sheets and the white down comforter. Sigh...gotta love the kids.

The bronzer stick from NYX if great and a good buy at $9.99.

beautylogicblog said...

@greenshushi isn't he cute?

@hellnotesforbeauty hey mama, I notice you haven't been blogging lately. Hope all is well.

@clariza I have the milani one too. t does work. You should get their lipglasses.amazing.

@shay isn't it crazy what these little boogers will do. they are so cute though. lol

Alison M said...

I adore Sonia Kashuk's products! The other morning I was feeling extra clumsy and managed to send this bronzer to the floor. It's now cracked, but still usable - thank goodness!

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