5 Drugstore Products I'm Loving & Weekend Updates & Coming up!

Summer Drugstore favorites 

If you’ve been reading me for a while, you might remember a few years back where I did a weekly feature on drugstore products that I thought were such high quality, they could be sold in Sephora. Well now I’m restarting that feature and will try to run it once a week (or whenever I get around to it), so let’s get to it:

1)    Maybelline Falsies Flared-This is definitely my #1 drugstore mascara. Seriously,  I tested over 15 mascaras this season from high-end stores to drugstore and this was the probably the second best one. Lancome Hypnose Doll lashes was #1. This mascara leaves my lashes super long, thick, and just gorgeous and for $7.99, you need this in your life.
2)    Milani Coralina Blush-Quite possibly my all time favorite coral blush. On my tan complexion, this gives me the most gorgeous flush. It’s beautiful. I reviewed it here. I have four other corals all from Sephora (corals look amazing on tan skin), but this summer, I’m reaching more for my Milani than the other ones.
3)    Wet N Wild Pride Palette-I was so shocked when I tried these palettes a few months ago. They were such good quality, for $4.99. The color payoff is great.This green palette is one of my favorites. It's such a  gorgeous contrast with my brown eyes, and really looks beautiful. For $4.99 you need this in your life.
4)    Wet n Wild Liner in 666-I hate that this liner is titled 666. Can we talk about the worst most horrible name ever.  But I’ve been using this liner for over 10 years, and it really is a gorgeous red brown color that complements anyone's lips. During Fashion week I’ve seen this liner in many makeup artist bags.
5)     Milani Baked bronzer-I used this bronzer a lot last summer and this weekend I was cleaning my house, and found it. Yay for me totally becoming a neat freak! Anyway, after applying it on my cheeks, I remembered why I loved this bronzer so much. It makes my tan skin look so radiant and it's uber cheap. I find Milani has some amazing products for close to nothing. 

Tell me some of your  drugstore favorites. How was your weekend?
 I got a lot of beauty  reading done again. Beauty books, Cafe Bustelo coffee,  Beauty smoothies, and TJ Maxx are a few of my addictions.

I tried to edit my smoothie video but I hate the way I look in the video. The lighting is all weird, and I have a huge shadow on my chin. It kind of looks like I have a beard so I may film it again or may just show you this video since I’m sure you guys know I don’t have a beard. (Well, I do have 4 pesky chin hairs but I wouldn’t classify that as a beard and I tweeze them all the time.)  I also cut my hair. Layers were needed. My hair dresser who never believed in the power of vitamins or internal health is now asking me what I'm using that my hair grows so fast (we just cut it last month). On Sunday, I went to an amazing restaurant called Barbossa in the city. It looks like a hole in the wall, but the food was so good. Seriously I haven't had a meal this good in a long time.  It's Brazilian food and just so delicious!

I can't wait till my eyebrows are thicker!

 Then we took a walk in Soho. I saw this painting, and loved it. There are such talented people in this world. The painter of this painting was like a 19 year old kid. I always wished I was artsy growing up but I don't have an artistic bone in my body. Mr. Milly says my stick figures look like Lil man drew them....whatever.  Anyway,  here's me and the painting.

 All in all a good weekend. 

What did you do?



PS: Next week, we've got a lot going on from reviewing Lancome's new fall collection. OH MY GOD! so beautiful Here's a pic of the blush. 

to some hair products I'm loving, to some Urban Decay fall goodies and more.

See you soon.


Dianna said...

nice, thanks.

Miss Mandii said...

I love the Milani bronzing powder as well!!! It goes on so beautiful on my complexion!

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