Life Advice: Keep Positive, Things Will Happen

Last year, I got rejected a few times for tv positions. Well the last interview, I actually got the reporter job but then they found out I couldn’t drive (I’m a new Yorker, we use the subway.) and then they promptly rescinded the offer. I was depressed, angry, and felt downright negative, and doubtful of my abilities. Each time I came home feeling defeated, but then my friends and family reminded me of my abilities, my strengths, and my talent, and then I began to feel positive again. (That’s why I always tell you it’s important to have positive people around you because negative people only contribute to your failures.) Anyway after those bad job experiences, with the help of great friends and family, my positive energy came back with a bang. I realized that just because it hadn't worked out with those opportunities didn’t mean anything. I knew things would eventually work. I knew I had a talent and I knew I wanted things badly and I knew my positive energy, hard work, and belief would lead to something.  Now don’t think that I just remained positive, sat down on my couch  and just ate bon bons all day and hoped that someone would finally realize I was wonderful and call me. No!!
I kept going, I kept working hard! I keep trying. I kept networking, building my contacts, and I’m still trying. This year I’ve been fortunate to have many opportunities come my way.  I truly believe it’s due to me remaining positive, and not allowing anyone to tell me no. One of those opportunities, I will be announcing very soon to you girls and I’m super excited about it. But my advice to you is this, STAY POSITIVE. Even in your darkest hour, don’t allow negativity to take over your life because that only leads to more and more failures. Negative energy will only lead you to be miserable and have a negative life. (I know so many people who live very negative lives and it’s tragic, and a horrible way to live.)  Don’t allow anyone to tell you what you’re capable of. And don’t ever allow anyone to deter you from your dreams. No one knows your abilities better than you.  The most successful people got rejected hundreds of time, but they were positive in their abilities and in themselves, and kept right on going. I love this quote by Thomas Edison.

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."
Thomas A. Edison

Keep positive, stay confident in your abilities, and believe me things will happen.




Ugochi @ Beauty 365 said...

Aww, loved this. Can't wait to hear about the BIG NEWS :)

Catherine said...

I love your life advice posts! I find it easy to fall into negative ways of thinking sometimes so love reminders about being positive and hearing inspirational stories! Looking forward to hearing your big news!

Clariza said...

U are smart, beautiful, and have a kind and positive spirit. Your ideal opportunity is so close and it is on the way to you....keep up the great work! You are every woman! Un besito dominicano...xxo!!!

Anonymous said...

Milly! I live for your life advice posts:D Congratulations, your a Doll and so inspiring! Ive learned a lot from you even though were close in age, lol.Good luck and God bless:)

juliaj006 said...

Thanks for this post! Came right on time! :)

juliaj006 said...

Just the motivation i need! You have no idea how much you inspire me Lady :)

beautylogicblog said...

@ugochi I can't wait to share it with you girls

@catherine We can all fall into negative thinking, that's why you need positive people around you to remind you how amazing you are.

@clariza Un besito Dominicana right back.Thank you

@anonymous Thank you for reading, it means so much.

@juliaj006 I'm glad I can help you. Thank you so much for reading. You are truly appreciated.

The Style and Beauty Doctor said...

Loved this post! Can't wait to hear about your new position :)

Anonymous said...

Milly, thank you SOOO MUCH for this encouragement. This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear at EXACTLY this moment in my have no idea what this means to me! I will NOT give up until I accomplish my goals! Thanks for helping me stand strong!


ChiffonLaceLeather said...

Great advice, I so needed to hear that today

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