Nuance by Salma Hayek Ultra Shine Lipgloss Swatches & Review

Hey loves,

How was your weekend? Mine was kind of dull, well except for the fact that I had a bit of a tiff with my mother-in-law. It was so bad, she stormed out.  I'm so angry at myself for having that argument. She's my Sunday afternoon babysitter and she's free! You never fight with anyone who will babysit for free! You worship them! What the heck was I thinking!! But today's her birthday so I have to call her. I'm sure she'll love hearing from me.  lol, Alright, let's talk beauty, and let's start with Salma's new Nuance Ultra Shine Lipglosses. I've tried these the three colors seen above, which are Strawberry, Berry, and Peony. Here are swatches.

Strawberry is my favorite color, a highly pigmented almost opaque reddish brown with gorgeous golden flecks. I love this color. Here's me with it on. 
Berry contains no flecks, and is a pretty opaque medium pink. Here's me with it on. 

And last was Peony, a sheer pink. Perfect for every day wear. 

I love that Salma put Mimosa and Mango Seed oil to keep your lips super moisturized. The longevity is pretty good with these as well. I'd say I got a good 3 1/2 hours wear before you could no longer see the color. These are pretty great. 
And for a limited time this week you can get them for buy 1 and get 1 free. 

What do you think of these lipglosses?

Have you tried anything in Salma's line?

Alright,  I'm going to go call my mother in law. This should be fun. 
Will give you an update soon. 



Full disclosure: All Nuance products provided by pr for review.


Ms. G said...

Good luck with your mother-in-law! I'm sure things will work out.

P.S. I really like the Peony color on you :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Milly, I saw you yesterday at whole foods with your little man. I was really excited but I was too shy to say hi and didn't want to interrupt you and your son (you were feeding him ao it was bad timing lol) ... Have a good one!


beautylogicblog said...

@ms g thanks she didn't pick up my phone call. lol

@raisa next time please say hello, I love meeting readers. Hugs,

The Style and Beauty Doctor said...

um, you guys need to make up STAT! Girl, you can't be getting into tiffs with the babysitter :)

Those lipglosses look awesome on you ;)

Ugochi @ Beauty 365 said...

Update on the mom-in-law, please!

Jen said...

I've tried the Blue Agave Curl Cream and cannot get enough. I have coarse wavy hair, and trying to find the right product that isn't sticky or stiff has been frustrating me for years. While in Florida I was in a CVS and tried the Curl Cream out of sheer desperation. Good thing! It gives my hair a beautiful sheen, I can run my fingers through it without it getting frizzy, and apply a bit more for a pick me up later in the day.

The only issue? I can't find it except in CVS stores and those are far and few between here in Colorado. Any other ideas where to buy her products?


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