Salma Hayek Nuance Beautiful Blends Neutral Eye Quad & Weekend Update

Hey guys, how was your weekend. Mine was ok, but we'll get into that later in the post. First let's talk beauty. As you girlies know, I've been reviewing Salma Hayek's new product line and showcasing some of my favorites. Today let's talk about the Salma Hayek  Nuance Beautiful Blends  Neutral Eye Quad,which I am currently loving and have been using pretty much this whole week.

Don't judge my quad, it fell right before I took this picture. I'm so clumsy

This quad contains 4 gorgeous shades:  1) Toasted Almond-satin shade-no shimmer medium beige color 2) Champagne gold- a gorgeous champagne color with golden sparkles 3)Shimmering Bronze is probably my favorite color-it's a deep copper with shimmer. So gorgeous! 4)Frosted Blush- a beautiful cream shimmer with hints of pink.

Here are swatches:

Left to Right, Toasted Almond, Champagne Gold, Shimmering Bronze,Frosted Blush

I find this eyeshadow quad to be amazing in terms of color payoff.  There is very minimal fall out as well. Here's a look  I did with the quad to take a walk. I used Champagne Gold on the lid, Shimmering bronze on the crease. Toasted Almond above crease and Frosted Blush as a highlight.

All in all you can wear this palette day to night. I love how creative she was with the design of these. I give the Neutral Palette an A+.

Now how was your weekend. Mine was ok. Saturday I did nothing special, then Sunday since I don't have a babysitter anymore (you can find out why here) I headed out with lil man.  I was laughing because the guy who took my picture was being a little too animated.

We headed to a local farmers Market so I could pick up some smoothie ingredients.
Then we headed to a Flea Market.
I was going to pick up a hat
But then I remembered I hate hats on me. So then I moved on to these necklaces. I was going to pick one up but when I went to pay, I realized I had left my debit card at home, and didn't have cash.

 So we headed back home.  On the way back we saw two interesting things.
These two were dancing in the middle of the street as if they were at a salsa club. There was no music playing but you could never tell with how well they were dancing.

And then this guy was walking his dog, but not really. The dog was riding on the skateboard while he was walking with him.....

 Only in New York people. Only in NY

What are your thoughts on the Nuance Neutral Palette?

Have you tried any of Salma's Nuance products?

Why do you think the dog was on a skateboard?

Things that make you go hmmmm..




The Style and Beauty Doctor said...

lmao @ the couple and the skateboarding dog!

The eyeshadow palette is pretty :)

BonafideLatina~ said...

the NYC pics are so funny and YES only in NY :)

After reading your reviews and learning of that buy 1 get 1 free offer I jumped and got me Nuance's skin care products and so far I do love them very much. Got their cleanser, day and night moisturizers plus the serum and eye cream. I love that it really feels like a very expensive product but so affordable. I will be getting her makeup items next followed by hair. Thx for the reviews!

Dove said...

It is interesting post.

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