Salma Hayek Nuance Perfect Lips Lip Quads

You can really tell that Salma Hayek wanted to make her abuela (grandmother) proud with her new product line Nuance exclusively available at CVS. (The whole product was inspired by her abuela.) The quality of many of her products, are definitely on par with high end stores. But as I told you ladies before, Salma took three years off to help formulate these products, to make sure that they were of the highest quality so her abuela would be proud of her. That whole story brings a tear to my eyes. You girls know how much I loved my abuela. I mentioned her countless times here on Beautylogic. (Ok, I'm sorry, let's go back to talking beauty.) I'm so obsessed with these Salma Hayek Nuance Perfect Lips Lip quads.  First of all, the packaging is unlike anything out now. On Sunday when I went to a public restroom and whipped out one of my lip quads, a few women gathered around me asking me where I had gotten such a cool product. These products are great conversation starters. lol

The Lipquads come in two styles, warm and cool. As you can see warm is on the right and cool is on the left. The quads come with two shimmering colors and two cream colors. You can easily mix and match these shades to create countless looks. The ingredients in these products are so amazing for the lips. We're talking jojoba oil (known skin moisturizer) Macadamia and grapeseed oil. Fantastic for keeping your lips hydrated! When you apply these quads,  you feel as if you've applied a lip balm. They are that moisturizing and not tacky at all. The cream colors are so  pigmented too. I got a solid 4 hour wear from my warm quad (which I'm using regularly).
Here are swatches of this palette:
1) red hot, muave berry, 3,plum shimmer 4) sheer champagne
Here is her cool quad.

Here are swatches of the cool palette:

1. rose shimmer; 2. sheer ice; 3. pink berry; 4. merlot.

All in all, these lip quads are great and  for $9.99 you are getting 4 shades in one great packaging, that you can easily mix and match to create more colors. That's pretty amazing.

You can order the quads here

Have you tried anything in this collection?

What are your thoughts on these lip quads?



Full disclosure: I received all Salma Hayek Nuance products to review. 


MakeupByRenRen said...

wow these are amazing! i saw her line at cvs the other week and was surprised, didn't even know she had one!

Anonymous said...

Salma and I have similar coloring. I would love to know what color products she is using in her ads. Can anyone give a girl some help with this?

Monique said...

The package is nice, but I am not excited about the color payoff

tweety said...

I think it is the stupidest packaging I have ever come across.
It makes it impossible to drop in your purse and, since they don't manufacture individuals, it's useless.
It is a shame because I really like the quality of the product.

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