Beauty Secrets from the Latina Magazine 15th Anniversary Celebration

Hey guys,
So yesterday I went to the Latina Magazine 15th anniversary celebration. Although I could only cover the red carpet (my babysitter told me I had to be home by 9) I was able to talk to some amazing Latinas in the media and get some of their beauty secrets. I was really excited to talk to all of these women who are making their dreams come true.

So first up, Natalie Morales (True story: I interned at NBC when I left finance to pursue broadcast. ). Having worked next to her before, I can honestly say she is one of the nicest people in television. Anyway, her must have beauty item is under eye treatments. She says she sleeps very little and under eye treatments are essential! She loves  L'oreal's Micropulse Eye Treatment  for the under eye area. Although  since I'm a beauty blogger, I had to recommend she try Nuance Salma Hayek  Wrinkle Eye Serum (which I'm reviewing this week.) 

Then we met friend to the blog Kat De Luna. I adore this feisty Dominicana. She's always a lot of fun. I asked her what her beauty secret was, she said she loves loves "Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes" but then she said her true beauty secret is waking up with the Latina attitude and saying "I'm up, I may have bags under my eyes, and may look a mess but I'm still going to rock." I love that!

Then I met Rosci Diaz. Rosci had the most gorgeous Stella McCartney dress on! I need it in my life. 
Her beauty secret is just drinking water and she regularly uses Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes. She said she drinks so much water, and she really believes it's the reason her skin is so clear. As someone who was extremely close to her, I will say she has a flawless complexion.

Then I met  Angie Martinez. If you live in NYC, you know the name Angie Martinez very well. She's the dj  for radio station, Hot 97. Meeting her was quite possibly the highlight of my night.  Growing up, I really saw myself in her. I was a young Latina girl who loved my Latin music but remember that I grew up in Jamaica Queens (basically hip hop land) so I loved hip hop and r&b too.  I truly admire Angie and her longevity in the business and the fact that I really have never heard her say bad stuff about anyone in all the years I've been listening to her. I love that she has kept her integrity.  Anyway, I gave her my card, hopefully we can feature her in our Entrepemom feature.
In person, Angie is  flawless. Pics do not do this woman justice.  Anyway, her beauty secret is again, Neutrogena Wipes. She loves them! ( I may have to pick up these wipes, both Rosci and Angie swear by them and they both had really flawless skin!)

Then we also saw Julissa Bermudez. Julissa has such gorge skin, and an amazing booty (Jlo and Kim Kardashian might be jealous). I asked her the secret to both the flawless skin, and the perfect butt. lol

She said she is very intense when it comes to her beauty regimen. No sleeping with makeup on. She cleanses her face really well at night. She loves  Origins face moisturizer, with Mimosa. She always wears eye cream and she gives herself facials in the shower.  The secret to her amazing booty is squats every night....with heels! PS: Julissa has the eyebrows I dream of.

Although I couldn't stay long (babysitter wasn't playing) I'd say meeting these women was such an inspiration to me, because all of them are making their dreams come true.

I'm inspired by all of them, and I hope you are too.

Alright, I'm off  to go do squats with heels now.




BonafideLatina~ said...

Great job!!!!! :)

B said...

Fabulous coverage, darling! And you look stunning!!

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

Amazing coverage!! Too bad you could only do the red carpet - maybe your babysitter got to party on afterwards ;)

Constance said...

I love your site. Its so amazing and you are drop dead gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. If you ever have any free time to kill. Check out my site. I would love your input. =)

Emmanuel Asare, MD said...

Great coverage on this event! We see many Latina patients in our offices and we love how your blog offers such helpful tips, news, and pictures of the event!

Thanks for going out and covering the event. Even though we couldn't be there, it almost feels like we didn't miss anything because you covered it so well.

Dr. Asare

Gypsy in the City said...

Loved this post Milly! Hope you got home in time, the babysitter was not playing! lol

xx Ada

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