Remember those t-shirts from the 80's that had the saying, "Don't Worry, Be Happy." They were so simple, but they made so much sense. In life, we worry about things that really we have no control over. We worry about issues, that in essence have nothing to do with us. I think in this world it’s so easy to be down. As soon as you turn on the news you’re hearing about either wars, or natural disasters that are taking over our planet, and many times we can surround ourselves with people who many not always want the best for us, or they think they do want the best for us, but they tear us down. Maybe they don’t mean to. Maybe that’s the only way they know. For example one of my family members used to always  tell me every single time she saw me that I was beautiful except for my chicken legs. Ummm, ok-thanks. But there are ways we can be happy-even when the world is telling us we shouldn't be. Here are some ways that I have found have helped me keep sane happy. 

Remember these t-shirts.They made so much sense.

1)    I don’t take myself too seriously- There are times in life to be serious, but don't go around life taking everything too serious. Mr. Milly always says that one reason he fell for me was because I laugh at things that some people probably wouldn't find funny. Like for some reason, I tend to  trip when I wear heels, all the time, and always in front of a huge crowd. I find it funny, but most people would probably be mortified. Not me, I just bought  cute 4 inch heels last week. My motto is: "If i trip, I trip, it happens to the best of us." Life is too short to go around taking yourself too serious.Laugh at the mistakes you make some time.

2)    Laugh a lot. I am the first to admit that I love to laugh. Now I'm not saying walk around the street like a giggling idiot, but don't be afraid to laugh. Laughing keeps you young (and keeps those pesky wrinkles away) and when I laugh, man I laugh. My girlfriend always shushes me when I laugh because she says I do it too loud. But why hold in your happiness-that’s no fun.

3)     Don’t take things too personally: The reporting business is one of those businesses where people will tear you down in a second. Literally you can come in thinking you look amazing, and if you get a snarky casting person, immediately they may tell you, you're not good enough, your clothes are ugly or you sound like a man. (I once went to an audition with a bad cold and sounded like Barry White.) When someone gives me really negative criticism, I tend not to take it personally at all. If they are being super snarky, I just attribute it to them having a bad day and venting on me. But I don’t take it personally. Taking things too personally will not only make you unhappy but it will also allow peoples thoughts of you to shape your thoughts of yourself-which is super dangerous. 

4)    Smile-I love to smile and I do it often.  Again I'm not saying walk around the street like a smiling idiot either, but if someone smiles at you, smile back,and if you see someone that looks down and out, smile at them. Your smile may change their whole day. Smiling makes you happier. Do you know according to this source Smiles are more attractive than makeup: A research study conducted by Orbit Complete discovered that 69% of people find women more attractive when they smile than when they are wearing makeup. To find out about  more interesting facts about smiling click here. 

5)    Keep this in your head: You’re amazing-  When I wake up every morning, I tell myself this. And when I'm feeling bad, (because yes it does happen to me too) I remind myself of things I have done in my life that have been pretty cool. And if I can’t think of anything, I call my family and friends who for some reason seem to think I’m a lot more amazing than I think I am. You’re amazing, and that’s it. Tell yourself that often, You will believe it, remember that.

6)    Keep yourself looking great-I once wrote a post about this, so I’ll direct you to that post. Click here. Although you may think this is unimportant, this is actually really important, probably one of the most important things you can do for yourself. When you  put time and energy into your appearance, you will feel amazing!

7)    Don’t be Reactive-be PROACTIVE- a huge pet peeve of mine is when I am around someone who complains about something and is not taking any steps to fix it. Like I always had issues with my legs growing up. None of the women in my family had legs like mine. All of them had these perfect legs with calf muscles that would make Tina Turner jealous. But, my legs looked like long sticks. So after crying about them for years, I realized crying wasn’t going to make them get any nicer. So I worked them out and kept working them out, and finally I got calf muscles. YIPPEE! Now Tina Turner wouldn't be jealous of my legs, but every time I look at them, I get happy, because I remember how they looked before, and in my opinion, with the time and work I put in, they look a lot better. 

8)    Go after your dreams-I’ve met so many people in my life who have chosen to be complacent. They work jobs they hate because  they believe that’s just the way life is or they believe that they are not good enough or they just don’t have time to follow their dreams. That’s nonsense. You are good enough, and you do have time-just make the time. But don’t live a life where you are working to making someone else’s dreams come true, because that’s just a miserable life, and stop believing you’re not good enough. You are not only good enough, you are BETTER THAN GOOD ENOUGH. You were meant to be EXTRAORDINARY, not ordinary.

9)    Try not to wake up with negative energy. Last week I woke up and  I was late to an important meeting, and from the start I was saying, this is going to be a crappy day. Guess what? It was crappy. And it was crappy because I made it that way. Yesterday, again I woke up late for an important meeting, and this time I chose to think it would still be a great day, guess what, it was.  It was actually a better day than I expected. You attract what you believe about yourself and about life.

10)  Help Someone- I am a huge believer in helping other people. I always tell new bloggers if they ever need help in any way, I am here to help. In this life many people are way too threatened by others. The reality is, there is room enough for all of us to succeed. I truly believe the more people I help, the more good things will happen in life, and some pretty amazing things have happened to me recently.  So don’t be afraid to help someone do better, because believe me it will come back to you.

I hope  this helps you.

What are some ways that keep you happy?
My plan is to do life advice post every Thursday.

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Shana said...

great post filled with great tips! I have just begun to follow my dreams armed with a plan and also incorporated more smiling and it really does help! thanks for this

Sherry said...

It's amazing that you posted this just at the moment that I needed it most! Thank you, Milly!

BonafideLatina~ said...

AMAZING post!! THank you I needed your words of wisdom today :)

@RVSNewark said...

This was a very inspiring post - Reading positive reinforcment and encouragement is always a blessing. Sometimes certain messages come right on time.
Thanks for sharing.

melkel said...

So inspiring... Even if there are things there that have crossed my mind I found this post to be just that.

Clara Turbay said...

I like this blog. cool post. i´d like you check out mine.

MD said...

Great life advice post!

laurute said...

Thanks! ;) Nice post ;)

laurute said...

Thanks! Nice post ;)

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