Outfit of the Day & Weekend Updates & Cuba Restaurant Review & Glozell

Hey loves, how was your weekend. Mine was pretty good, although I lost my camera in a NYC cab. I was so upset about it for a few minutes. I had a lot of pics in there that I hadn't downloaded yet, pics of my family, funny and ugly pics of me, but you can't cry over spilled milk. I've contacted the cab people and hope they'll find it. Otherwise my weekend was great. Mr. Milly has been away on business for a while so we hadn't done a date night in a few weeks. So we headed out yesterday for a night on the town. Here's the outfit I had on.

 Hair done by Elia Salon (Get the beautylogic special)
Michael Kors Dress (Marshalls)
Mr. Milly didn't take a pic of my shoes but they were Christian Siriano Payless collection. Click here
Necklace -Kara (42nd street store)

Anyway we headed out for date night at this restaurant Cuba that we love love love! I always advise couples to def make time for date nights. It's so important. Now date night doesn't have to be going out. Not true at all. Some of the best date nights Mr. Milly and I had were at home with a home cooked meal, candles, great music, and sexy lingerie! LOL, But anyway last night we headed to Cuba restaurant, after getting out of the cab, I realized Holy Crap, I left my camera there!! But after about 30 minutes, I got over it and enjoyed the delish meal at Cuba.
If you go, I highly rec the Shrimp Enchiladas. So yummy

It was delish.
Then after we went dancing, and then headed home.
Fun Date Night.
Anyway, I wanted you guys to watch this video if possible.
My brother always sends me funny youtubes and he sent me vids of this woman Glozell.
I've been watching her videos, and she is beyond hilarious.
She has an amazing following on youtube, over 300,000 subscribers.
Now this video I'm showing you isn't one of her funny ones.
It's the video o of how and why she started doing youtubes.
It's so inspiring.
The message is  sometimes when you think something is the worst thing for you, it could actually be the best thing.
Enjoy it!

Tonight I am covering the Latina Magazine 15th Anniversary Red Carpet. I'm so excited. I was initially not invited to cover it, but I got myself in. When someone tells you that you can't do something, don't listen to them. Find your way in when it comes to anything in your life.

Anyway, I'll report back tomorrow.




BonafideLatina~ said...

Is that Cuba restaurant near Bryant Park? If so I love it too! It's very small but cute and food and drinks are great!

You look FAB :)

Can't wait to hear about LATINA coverage!!! Congrats

Silver Lips said...

Milly, you better work that dress. You looked fabulous darling. loving the entire outfit. Glad u an hubby had a good date nite.

jro327 said...

you look absolutely amazing...love the dress! I can NEVER find anything cute like that at Marshalls :(

beautylogicblog said...

@bonafidelatina no love, it's further downtown.

beautylogicblog said...

@silverlips Thanks doll. Miss you.

beautylogicblog said...

@jro327 I can never find anything at the Marshalls by my house but the one by my moms house always has such amazing things. You won't even believe how little I paid for that dress. Hugs!

Shadelle said...

I havent commented on your posts in a longggg time. but I just have to say YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!! Best wishes to you and your family :)

beautylogicblog said...

@shadelle I hon, I was wondering about you. You always used to comment. Hope you are well hon.

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