Salon Discount for BeautyLogic Readers-Elia Salon $20.00

Hey guys, so I know many of you go to Dominican Salons in your town. I'm going to start trying to collaborate with many of them to bring you discounts . Note I wrote "try." Dominican women don't play when it comes to their money! (I should know, since I am one, lol!) But I will try. First salon that is offering a BeautyLogic discount will be Elia salon, which was voted Latina Magazine's Best Dominican Salon in the USA. I actually went there this weekend, and got my hair done (pic above, it's not the greatest pic because I had to take it by myself)  and spoke to the boss about bringing you guys the discount. So this is a permenant Beautylogic Discount,  if you bring this article to Elia, you will get a Wash, Set and Deep Condition for $20 bucks. Yes I said it, wash set and deep condition for $20. Here's the review we did on Elia a few years back. Click here. Here's their website. and here's a video they did showcasing their salon.

Let me know if you go. My hair came out gorgeous and the customer service at Elia is great. Also if you go to a salon and want to see if we can get a beautylogic discount, please leave comments below with the salon info.

Elia's location is:
850 Amsterdam Avenue # 2
New York, NY 10025-5170

(212) 316-3100


gg said...

Aww that's sweet of you! I need to relocate to NY! Im a natural gal and they hit us hard! :(

Johanna Ferreira said...

Rizo's Salon Spa in Corona, Queens.

41-17 National Street Corona, New York 11368
(718)899 -1575

They normally charge $25 for a wash and set or blow out. Speak to the owner, Alta Gracia Fernandez. And say that Johanna Ferreira, client of Ada recommended the salon to you. I'm a regular there.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I haven't been to a Dominican hair salon for years or various reasons. However, recently I have been looking for a spot to get a wash, set and trim and I will check this place out and let you know how it was.

Tina aka Beanie said...

Milli-Who cuts your hair? Do you have a relaxer? I wear my hair curly and I am wanting to get a roller set and see how it looks. I'm need to get a good layered (like yours) shaping hair cut. I've been cutting myself for past two years and now my right side is 1 or so longer than my left!

The Style and Beauty Doctor said...

dag---mad I missed this deal! I really like Hair Flair by Georgina (there's a sister salon D&G by Georgina right around the corner) in Jamaica, Queens.

11404 Merrick Blvd
Jamaica, NY 11434
(718) 262-6000

The Style and Beauty Doctor said...

oh and the salons I mentioned above also work on natural hair ;)

Anonymous said...

I know this post is old, but on the website, one of the services is Natural/Kinky Wash & Blow. Do you know if that's specifically for people with natural hair? I have natural hair, but I wanted the Was, Set & Blow Dry.

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