Anti-aging Tip-Facial Massage with Jojoba Oil

As a teen, my mom made me get a job at a Manhattan Vitamin Shoppe for a few reasons: 1) she wanted me out of the house because I was a little brat (it's the truth, I can't even believe how horrible of a teen I was.). 2) Because she wanted a discount at the Vitamin Shoppe. (Mommy is a huge believer in Vitamins, and believed they contributed to her curing her own Cancer 15 years ago.) 3) She wanted me to make my own money so I would stop asking her all the time. Although I hated her  for making me get a job when I could have been home eating, and watching the Golden Girls, it was such a great thing.  I ended up working with an Italian woman who taught me so much about internal health and beauty, and I got to experience hanging around Manhattan, and realized then that Manhattan is where I needed to be! Now this woman also taught me the importance of facial massaging to keep wrinkles at bay. She was in her sixties, and could have easily passed for a woman in her late thirties. She told me that I must do facial massages, and to use Olive Oil.  Although I liked Olive Oil, on my skin I prefer jojoba oil, just because my skin can be very iffy. One day my skin is  fine with olive oil, the next day I apply olive oil and I've got huge cystic zits all over the place. Jojoba oil doesn't break me out at all, and it's such a miraculous oil. Here's some benefits of Jojoba oil: Click below to read more and watch a video on Facial massage:

1) It resembles your own skin sebum so it absorbs really well without making skin look greasy.
2) It doesn't aggravate acne. My skin can be very acne prone so I have to be very careful with what I use.
3 According to this site, in Dermalogical studies, when jojoba oil was used on the skin it increased skin suppleness by 45% and continued use resulted in reduction in superficial lines.
4) Also certain skin bacteria can't survive when jojoba oil is present.
5) Jojoba oil has very high anti-inflammatory properties.

What I'll say is this, I have been using anti-aging products for years, but I've also been facial massaging with jojoba oil as well. For someone who never wore sunscreen as a child and I spent all my summers in the Dominican Republic and for someone who squinted their eyes constantly (I have horrible vision, but I refused to wear contacts, or glasses for years) I recently got a skin analysis done, and my skin has no real sun damage, and I hardly have any furrow lines on my forehead (you know how they always tell you not to squint because you'll get that line in between your brows on your forehead.). I squinted for over 10 years, and although you can see a very slight line (well I can see it, my husband thinks I'm nuts and am making it up) it's no where near as bad as I think it should be.

I really believe a lot of that had to do with not only my anti-aging products but with my facial massage with jojoba oil. I do it twice a week for about 15 minutes. The great thing about jojoba oil is how inexpensive it is. You can find a huge bottle that will last you years for $9.99. If you have no idea how to do a facial massage you can easily watch youtubes on it and learn. Here is one.

Do you like jojoba oil?

Have you tried it for your skin?

Do you facial massage?


BonafideLatina~ said...

I need to try this! :)
PS: youtube video didn't post.

beautylogicblog said...

thanks hon

Acne Treatment reviews said...

Thanks for sharing. Got to try Jojoba Oil soon. Nice blog!

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