Gucci Westman Revlon Fall 2011 Collection & Old Neighborhood Drugstore Haul

So yesterday I went to visit my parents in my old neighborhood. For some reason the drugstores in my old neighborhood,  carry so much more stuff than the drugstores in my current neighborhood. I've been going crazy looking for the limited edition Gucci Westman Revlon Fall collection and couldn't find it in any of my local drugstores. If you don't know who Gucci Westman is, she's Revlon's top makeup artist, and her work is really beautiful. I think her name is so cool.  Imagine if your name was Gucci and introducing yourself, "Hi, I'm Gucci." (love!)  When I went to visit my parents, I found her Revlon collection in every single drugstore in their neighborhood. Every single one! Click below to see some swatches and first impressions of the items.

Revlon Gucci Westman Collection eyeshadow in Diamond Lust Plum Galaxy, Revlon Gucci Westman Diamond Lust Night Sky, and Revlon Gucci Westman Diamond Lust in Neptune Star.   Revlon makes some great shadows and for $5.99, the price is so right. These are insanely sparkly, so if you're not into sparkle this may not be for you. During the day I wouldn't wear these, but at night, these would definitely be my hot date night out with Mr. Milly shadows. These have excellent color payoff too.  Here are swatches.

From Left to Right
Plum Galaxy-A mid incredibly sparkly purple
Night Sky-When swatched this was basically a black shadow with massive silver sparkle.
Neptune Star-A deep aquamarine with sparkle 

I also got the Revlon Gucci Westman Bordeaux In The Snow Palette 

I"m kind of iffy about this palette. The color selection was ehh. That deep bordeaux color isn't that pretty or pigmented when applied. My favorite color is actually that bright pink on top. But, I'll keep testing and if I like it, I'll let you know. Here are swatches:

I also picked up this really pretty blush by this company called Black Radiance- Toasted Almond.

My girlfriend had this on a few weeks ago, and it looked so beautiful on her. When I tried it, I had to have it. Of course I couldn't find it anywhere around me, but when I went to my parent's neighborhood, they were all over the place. This mineral blush isn't insanely pigmented,but you can definitely build with your brush.  On my tan complexion, this is a beautiful reddish brown. Here's a swatch:

It's interesting because when I looked at the product it looks like there is shimmer, but once applied, you really don't see any shimmer at all. It just gives my skin a gorgeous flush, like I just ran two miles. I think it's such a perfect fall blush, and I can't believe these are only $4.99.  I had to grab this asap!

Oops, I forgot to include the pic of the Jesse's Girl Julie G nail polish I bought. Julie G is a youtube star who collaborated with Jesse's Girl on a nail polish line. I met Julie G last year at a Lancome event, and she is such a sweetheart. I always support good people so I had to buy it. This is a gorgeous purple gray. I would def wear this color.

I also bought, Tylenol, Poland Spring, Dawn Soap, and a mop, but those wouldn't have looked as good in the pic.

What have you bought from the drugstore lately?

What are your thoughts on these products?

Have you tried Black Radiance before?

Should I change my name to Gucci? (J/k)




Laurensbeautytips said...

i love the Gucci Westman for revlon eyeshadow colors. The lip palette I am not that crazy about either. But those shadows !!!! I LOVE them. Gorgeous for night !

gg said...

I bought jesse's girl lipliner in brick over the weekend.

beautylogicblog said...

@laurensbeautytips the eyeshadows are gorgeous, i'm returning that lip palette. lol

beautylogicblog said...

@gg I never tried their products so this will be the first time.

The Style and Beauty Doctor said...

Black Radiance is soooo awesome! They're blushes, bronzers, and lipsticks are so incredibly pigmented that you're totally shocked that they're all like $5 and $2 for the

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