Lancome Golden Hat Foundation Holiday 2011 Collection Review

  Lancome will soon be releasing, The Golden Hat Foundation Holiday 2011 Color Collection. This collection was created to support The Golden Hat Foundation  which was created by Lancome brand ambassador Kate Winslet to nurture and teach autistic children how to communicate more effectively in order to live richer, more dream-fulfilling lives.  I actually have two autistic children in my family and I've seen the struggle and difficulties both of these children have trying to communicate with their parents and with us. Lancome is donating 150,000 Euros to the foundation , and they have created the breathtaking Lancome Golden Hat Foundation Holiday 2011 collection. 

To take a better look at the collection and some swatches, click below.

 Let's get into the first product which is the Poudre Lumière in Golden Hat, $40 - This is a shimmery golden peach pink all over face powder.  Can we talk about how beautiful this is? My problem with this product is it’s such a work of art that I didn’t even want to apply it  or touch it! I just wanted to frame it, and hang it over my couch and stare at it all day.   Although in the compact the shimmer might look overpowering, once applied the shimmer is not that bad, and you’re left with a subtle golden peach pink  glow.   Here’s a swatch on my cheek. FYI: It took  3 swipes of my brush to get this to really show on my warm skin.

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Shade 102 $29.00

There are four lipsticks in this collection but I was sent shade 132 to test.  I’m always on the search for a gorgeous red  and Lancome has answered my prayers with this beautiful reddish pink highly pigmented lipstick. This contains Vitamin E and SPF 12.  It's  opaque,  creamy, very  moisturizing, and long-wearing. It's a satin finish and has everything I need in a lipstick. This season it’s all about lipstick.  (This is the first year in a long time that lipstick has outsold lipgloss.) And if I were you, I’d pick this one up asap. When wearing this particular red Mr. Milly coudn't stop telling me how beautiful I looked and he asked me if I had whitened my teeth. Pink Reds always make my teeth look whiter.

 Here's a smile for you because you deserve it! (FYI, I took these pics two hours after application because I was waiting for my camera to charge.) Look how gorge the color is even two hours later.)

Mini Le Vernis-$15.00 Then there’s the essential red nail polish #102. This is super opaque, a true red, with a creamy finish, and you can definitely get away with one coat. 

All in all this collection is great, not only  because of the  wonderful cause that it supports but because the collection itself is  just beautiful!!

Highly Recommend.

Here is Kate Winslet talking about the Golden Hat Foundation:
So what do you think, will you be picking this collection up?




*ms.angela89* said...

Lovee the red on your lips and nails. :D Dang, so is your teeth really that white? Is it from the white strips 2 hrs? Let us in on the secret! Your smile is beautiful by the way.

Beauty Tips said...

Milly, that red lipstick looks incredible on you ! Do you have a secret for your nails ? They are so long. I eat healthy and take supplements and my nails never get strong enough not to break ! Your nails are fab !

beautylogicblog said...

@msangela89 no girl, I don't like those 2 hour strips so much. I always go back to the same tooth whitener. I've been using it for 10 years.

beautylogicblog said...

@beautytips girl, I miss my nails. I went to get a mani last week and the chick cut my nails too short. I was like wth! but then I thought, life could be worse. Anyway, I just take my smoothie every morning and my multivitamins. Also, take msm, it's great for hair skin and nails.

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