Laura Mercier Holiday 2011 Kohl Eye Pencil Set

I always say one of the best times to buy your makeup is during the holidays.  You can get some sweet deals! One amazing deal is Laura Mercier's Holiday Kohl Eye Pencil Kit. You can get five of her best selling, highly pigmented, long lasting eyeliners for $45.00. That's pretty great considering one of her eyeliners is $19. If I found five Laura Mercier eyeliners in my stocking, I would be a very happy girl and would probably do a backflip. (Well no I wouldn't, I don't even know how to backflip, but my girlfriend whose a gymnast swears she'll teach me one day in Central Park!) The great thing about pencil eyeliners is how long they last. Because every time you sharpen them, they become new again, they can last forever (just make sure you disinfect that sharpener) unlike liquid pencils which you should replace after 6 months or you can find yourself with a nice eye infection. 
Left to Right Black Gold, Black Violet, Stormy Grey, Black Navy, Brown Copper

 Here are swatches:
Black Gold, Black Violet, Stormy Grey, Black Navy, Brown Copper

Black Gold-black with gold pearl,
Black Violet-(black purple charcoal) This color is so beautiful for brown eyes.
Stormy Grey (charcoal grey)
Black Navy (black with navy pearl)-If you don't sleep, throw on some  navy eyeliner, the whites of your eyes will really stand out and make you look awake.
Brown Copper  ( shimmering brown)

I like these because they apply so smoothly, as you can see they are highly pigmented, and they last all day. I love pencils too just because they last a lot longer. (If you're curious as to how long you should keep your makeup, check out a tv segment I did with channel 11 in NYC, about how long to keep makeup here) Yes I'm self-promoting, don't judge me :-)

What are your thoughts?

Would you pick this up?

Do you think this is a sweet deal?

Do you want to learn how to backflip too?




@RVSNewark said...

I really like this set of eyepencils. The colors look beautiful - Thanks for the swatches! I just may pick these up as a gift-to-self!

Pam said...

What a great value and very cool colors. I LOVE the sets at Christmastime. Always a way to save money and get wonderful products.

beautylogicblog said...

@RVSNewark Aren't they gorgeous. Love love love them, and they are so pigmented.

beautylogicblog said...

@pam yes, they are very cool. Will you be picking them up?

Pam said...

Yes, I think I will get these!!

beautylogicblog said...

@pam yay, they are just so gorgeous! I'm wearing black violet right now. love!

Judi said...

I just bought the six set from Tarte, are they similiar? I have developed a recent obsession with pencil colored eyeliner, so this might just go on my list!

beautylogicblog said...

@judi yes I think they may be similar. I love the Tarte ones too.

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