Laura Mercier Holiday Mini Lip Glace Set 2011

Can you believe we're already reviewing holiday collections? This time of the year is always insane for me. So many important people in my family have birthdays right around Christmas time, and Mr. Milly's birthday is next month! I have no idea what to get this man, but if you have suggestions, please email me. Although the holidays can be overwhelming, one thing I do look forward to is the holiday makeup collections, and Laura Mercier's Holiday Mini Lip Glace set does not disappoint!

Click down here for swatches and lip pics!

From Left to Right
1)After Hours-Soft peach/pink shimmer-sheer
2)Blush-medium rose brown-sheer
3)Rose-red pink shimmer  almost opaque
4)Quartz- opaque rich sienna with a hint of red
5) sparkling (nude beige shimmer)sheer

This set would be a great stocking stuffer. I do believe there is a shade for everyone. The first thing I noticed when I applied these glosses is the scent, a mix of butterscotch & vanilla! Yum! That could be a problem though because a scent this delicious can make me want to lick my lips all the time. But, I was able to contain myself. When applied, the glosses aren't tacky at all and feel very moisturizing to the lips.  I got a good three hour wear from Rose before I needed to reapply. Here's how they look on my lips.

After Hours





So what do you think of this set?

Will you be purchasing?

I love that there's a shade in there for everyone.

Have a great weekend.




*ms.angela89* said...

ouu rose and the shade below it is pretty! :D if its affordable yes i will purchase it. :)

so said...

I have used some of Laura Mercier lip glace and love it. I thought the Holiday Mini set looked wonderful on you. I just might splurge and get it for myself.

Panic Disorder said...

It will make a great gift to myself and to a couple of my friend.

Luscious shimmery lips for the winter season, with a choice, will make this set perfect for any wardrobe or occasion.

Love it!

JoannaKay said...

Really like the "rose" and "sparkling", cute!

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