Quick DIY, Honey Tea Tree Oil Mask & Find Out If You're a Giveaway Winner for Mally & Lancome Makeup

I'm the only one in my immediate family  who has very sensitive acne prone skin. My siblings have always had flawless skin. I was never that lucky. To this day I don't remember ever seeing a zit on my brother's face.  Growing up, I broke out like crazy with zits, and those horrid hyperpigmentation marks, and even now as an adult I still suffer from occasional breakouts. I told you girls  that I worked at the Vitamin Shoppe as a teen, with an Italian woman who was 60 and looked 35-40. While I was there, she (like my abuela) taught me how to make many anti-aging Do It Yourself masks, and she also taught me how to make a very simple yet effective mask for keeping those zits away and hydrating the skin. Even now, I still make this mask. I made it last night because I felt a huge zit coming on my chin (don't you hate those?). This morning the ziti  is gone.

All you'll need are two ingredients.

Honey, and tea tree oil.

Click below to read more and watch me make the mask, and to also find out if you're the winner of the Mally Eyeliner set or 2 new winners of the  Lancome Paris Kim Kardashian wedding makeup. 

Honey-I use honey for so many things. My hair, my skin, and I ingest a teaspoon internally every day. Honey is a natural antiseptic and contains antibacterial properties. It's also an amazing skin and hair moisturizer that has been used forever! Put some coconut oil and honey on your hair and call me in the morning. You'll find yourself with soft beautiful hair. Apply on your skin, for some seriously hydrated skin. FYI, i refrigerate my honey.

Tea tree oil is also a  natural antiseptic and will kill your acne bacteria, but it's super drying to the skin. If you ever get one of those cystic acne zits, apply some tea tree oil on it and it will go away a lot faster. If you have sensitive skin make sure you dilute it with water before applying directly to skin.

Ok, let's get started on this mask which is so super quick and easy.

I use 1/2 a tablespoon and put it in a plastic container

I then use about eight drops of tea tree oil. I've been doing this mask for a long time so eight drops may be a lot for you. Maybe you want to try four drops.

After you're done mix this together. If you want to take it a step further you can throw in some Apple Cider Vinegar, but that may be way too strong for your skin. So don't do it until you get used to this mask first:

Now apply on your face. That's me last night. Don't I look sexy?

I leave this on for 30 minutes while I clean, or blog. Then it comes off. My skin is super soft after, and any zit that was thinking of coming is gone.

I love this mask because it's so multipurpose. It's  great for anti-aging, keeping your skin hydrated and works wonders on zits.

Do you have any DIY recipes?

What are your favorites?



PS: Winner of the Mally eyeliner set is Ryan M. D. Also two winners did not come forward for the Lancome Paris Kim Kardashian wedding makeup so the two new winners are Chocolate Loving Pixie, and sojazzy1. You guys have 2 days to get back to me or forever hold your peace! Random.org was used for both giveaways.


chocolate_loving_pixie said...

Yes!Thank you so much!What do I have to do to claim the prize?!Thanks so much gorgeous!my e-mail is deeshakc@gmail.com

kepsgrl said...

I get the occasional cystic acne - can't wait to get some tea tree oil and make this mask. Oh - and Congrats to the winners!! Enjoy your goodies!

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I use tea tree oil directly on my zits and honey too. Nver tried tea tree oil in a mask, def have to try it, considering my skin has been rather moody.

sojazzy1 said...

I just sent you an email to claim my prize. I'm so excited!!!

Ryan M. D. said...

wow thanks!!! I emailed! :)

beautylogicblog said...

@kepsgirl i love this mask. helps a lot.

beautylogicblog said...

@hellnotesforbeauty yea i use the oil on my zits too but my cousin did that one day and had a huge red mark. So some peeps are more sensiitve than others.

Nichole said...

If you're serious about taking honey internally, try raw honey. It's supposed to be more nutritious because it has the enzymes I believe from the bees still intact so it has even additional healing properties. Externally, you can probably still get away with regular honey.

Anonymous said...

i have this really scary cystic pimple growing out of my skin...it's my fault though...i have this mix on the spot with a band aid on top. As soon as I get home I put it on and I reapply it before I go to bed. I hope it works quickly!

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