Spa Week Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa Facial $50

 Growing up, mommy and abuela (my grandma) made sure to  instill in me the importance of a woman taking care of herself. My general motto in life is: If You Look Good, You Feel Good.  I blogged about it before. One way I care for myself is I either give myself a facial or go get one. ( I prefer to get one for the relaxing experience.). This week is Spa Week, and it is the perfect time for you to indulge on yourself. Treatments that are normally hundreds of dollars are now priced at just $50. Yesterday I received a Spa Week facial from the famed Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa in NYC. My skin was super dry from testing out a horrendous peel so I needed a facial badly. Nina was my esthetician. She has been doing facials for over 35 years. Immediately when she examined my skin she began educating me. She said cystic acne can be caused by hormones but more than likely hair products are the cause of cystic acne. I could’t believe that. I never heard that before. She’s been doing this for 35 years so I definitely was listening. Anyway, back to the facial. I was treated to a relaxing warm hand wrap while she worked her magic.  She massaged my face and back for a solid 10 minutes. OMG! Facial massages are the absolute best. Not only do they keep the wrinkles away but they just feel so good.  She then turned on the steam and applied a solution to my face and then began extracting my pesky blackheads, which barely hurt. She then applied a mask, and walaa!! My skin was glowing no redness at all! I would highly recommend you girls grab a spa week facial from the Red Door Spa. They are also offering other services for $50.during spa week as well. Find out more info on and if you don't live in NYC, but want to find out more about spa week, go to to find treatments around you. Spa Week ends Sunday, so you still have time to book an appointment.

How do you take care of yourself?

What do you like to do to relax? 

Do you believe "If you look good, you feel good?"




gg said...

she is right! i started taking notice of products causing breakouts around my hairline esp. oils and sprays. it took me years to figure this out! my skin is VERY sensitive. if i try something new and i get a breakout i immediately toss it away or return it. good tip!

Cookie said...

I try to take care of myself but I can imagine to take care more:)
Great post!

Ella Pretty Blog said...

I'm a huge believer in "if you look good you feel good"...I can never bring myself to leave the house in sweats - I'd just feel so sloppy and unhappy...and putting on make-up is something I look forward to (I don't cake it on though LOL!)

I love that you share tips you hear from people - there is so much useful info out there. I do think there is truth to hair products being related to acne - I use Moroccan oil on my hair, and sometimes I break out near my ears and under my neck - I should be more careful to keep my hair away from acne-prone areas.

beautylogicblog said...

@gg, my skin is super sensitive too, it's so annoying.

@cookie-great cookie, will check out your blog

@ellaPrettyBlog-Yes it's imortant we share tips so we can all look beautiful!

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