Winners of the Lancome Giveaway

Hey guys thanks for entering the giveaway. Sorry that I posted the winners of the Kim Kardashian Lancome Wedding makeup so late. I was running around all day, and didn't really have time to get on and post until now. So here are the 5 winners according to You must get back to me by Monday night or I will have to give your prize to another entrant (does that sound mean?? If so, sorry.) but anyway here are the 5 winners.

T Davis

Winners, make sure to email me. My email is right under my pic on this page. If you didn't win, we've got a lot more giveaways coming. On wed/or thursd (depending on when the brand gives me clearance) of next week 7 of you will win 7 products from another brand. I"m celebrating some big news, and when I'm happy, I love to share the blessings!

Have a great weekend.




Cookie said...

that must be great win something that amazing!

Tiffany said...

Emailed you last night, I'm so excited. Thanks again for the awesome giveaway!!

Kimmiepooh said...

Cant believe I won (thank goodness for Twitter)! I just emailed you. I'm so excited!!!

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