Deborah Lippmann Holiday 2011

Glitter is everywhere this season and Deborah Lippmann really stepped it up a notch with her Holiday Collection. Although the collection is both glitter and metallic, I was sent,  Shake Your Groove Thing Polish, which was pure gold glitter with a clear base. You girls know how I love me some gold glitter! (Actually I like anything gold.)   I was a little nervous about applying this polish. I thought it would be messy but not at all. The clear base coat is pretty thin, so you're able to really work with this polish without it being messy. With this polish, you really can’t apply your nail polish like normal. You have to paint the nails, then apply the glitter around empty parts of your nails. It’s super easy, and I only had to do it three times to really get full coverage on my nails, and when I was done, look how gorgeous my nails looked. Just thick rich pure gold glitter on my nails.After about 4 minutes I would say my nails were fully dried. I didn't use a top coat with this.

Click Below to check out the other shades in the Deborah Lippmann Holiday Collection:

The Deborah Lippmann collection includes

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy

Glamorous Life (Not a glitter-Rose gold Metallic)




What are your thoughts on this?

Would you rock them?




B said...

I reallllly don't need any more glitter polishes but I HAVE to have that one. I love me some Deborah Lippman.

Ella Pretty Blog said...

I have the Sephora/OPI gold glitter polish - and it has a lot less glitter than the Debora Lippman one - some of my friends own the DL one and it looks WAY better. I'm so loving a Glamourous Life - I love everything rose gold, and I don't own a rose gold polish yet - so I may have to get it!

beautylogicblog said...

@b I am so in love with this polish.

beautylogicblog said...

@ella pretty blog I am obsessed with this color.

ClariZa said...

I NEED this gold glitter polish like NOW! Wow! Im in luv! This is going on my xmas list along w a clairsonic!!!!!

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