Essie Luxeffects for Holiday 2011

For the holidays, Essie has released thier Luxeffects collection. A set of five top coats for your nails. Lately I've been applying a lot of glittery top coats to my polished nails so this is perfect for me. Essie said "Whether you go for a golden brocade, glam over your classic creamy essie shade, or simply enjoy the beauty of a single coat of pristine white pearl, the loop is beautifully alluring." Click below for swatches of the top coats themselves and make sure you click on pics to see full size:

Essie As Gold As It Gets-a light gold sparkle glitter (2 coats)

Essie-Shine of The Times-Essie describes it as a scintillating opalescence (man that sounds sexy).

Essie-A Cut Above-A shattered pink diamond glitz-the glitter in this one is super chunky. Two coats will give you some coverage, three if you want full blown coverage (which you may not since these are just supposed to be top coats anyway). This is two.

Essie-Pure Pearlfection- "A decadent irridescence"

Essie Set in Stones-Big Chunky Silver Glitter (two coats)

I'd say if you're looking for some  sparkly glitter to put atop your polishes, you'll find some fun ones in this holiday Luxeffects collection. I had no problems applying these polishes except for As Gold As It Gets. For some reason, it was a little too watery when applying and it kept messing up.

My faves are definely Essie A Cut Above and Set in Stones. I can't wait to layer those over a few of my polishes.

What are your faves?

Don't you think this collection should have been  called "Cocktail Bling" instead of the last one?

This collection will be available beginning December.



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Clariza said...

I'm thinking someone at Essie made a mistake w the name of the last collection bc this is some serious cocktail BLING! I'm feeling the entire collection. This is also something my daughter would want on her lil pinkies! Love!

Glamattics said...

I love Essie! I'll have to pick some of these up!

beautylogicblog said...

@clariza lol, i so agree.

beautylogicblog said...

@glamattics which is your favorite?

socialitedreams said...

the first looks like my hidden treasure polish, but the chunky pink is pretty cute :)

Nailophilia said...

This collection should have been named Cocktail Bling. Great observation

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