Get Your Skin Winter Ready!!!

New York City's Weather has been a dream come true, but last week we did get hit with a few cold days, and I noticed a lot of people who hadn't been preparing their skin for the cold air. As the weather get's cold your skin gets dryer, and for many people, it's very noticeable in the form of dry flaky skin, chapped lips, and really dry hard hands. During the winter, I know a lot of peeps who tend to get very flaky skin under their chin area. I used to too, but I found a way to stop it.  Click below to read about products I've been using to make sure my skin is winter ready! 

1) Exfoliate: I'm a huge believer in exfoliation for the skin especially during the winter time. You can buy a clarisonic (but wait till Cyber Monday as they'll be 20% off) or you can use some exfoliators. Some of my past favorites are:

 Glo-Therapuetics Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub.  I just finished this, and really like it. At first I didn't like it because I was washing my face off in a hurry and noticed that I could still feel some of the grains, but after I took the time to wash them off, they were gone and I loved the way my skin felt after.   It's a great option because it contains jojoba oil, rice extract so it's not too harsh on the skin and it leaves your skin insanely moisturized and glowing. Also the scent of this is pure pumpkin pie. It's delicious. I actually kept the empty tube so I could keep smelling it.

Nuance Salma Hayek Wild Lime Exfoliator is amazing and a great bang for your buck. I reviewed it here. 

Or if you are a DIY girl like me, grab some honey, brown sugar, (jojoba or olive oil) and you've got a your home made scrub right there.

Also when you exfoliate make sure you exfoliate your lips as well. Chapped lips aint sexy at all mamas. 

2) Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize This is the time to get busy with your moisturizer. Dry scaly skin never looks sexy on anyone.  True story but when i was in 9th grade, my boyfriend broke up with me because he said my lips were always chapped. lol. (It wasn't funny back then, but now I can laugh at it.) The more hydrated your skin is, the the better your skin looks and feels and moisture helps keep those pesky lines away.  A few moisturizers I've tried lately and love are: 

Kate Somerville's Goat Milk Cream-  This leaves my skin so smooth and soft, but not greasy.   I absolutely love that Goat milk is in this! Goat milk has been used since ancient Egyptian times for skin moisture.  It contains caprylic acid which is a natural skin exfoliator. I love the dispenser of this too. It makes sure the product really isn't exposed to air, and that you're not putting bacteria back in the bottle.

Drugstore: Aveeno's Positive Radiant Moisturizer-This is such a good drugstore moisturizer especially if you suffer from hyperpigmenation, like I do because the soy really helps to even out the skin. Plus this contains spf 15 which is always good.

If you're a DO IT Yourself Girl too you can also  just grab some jojoba oil  and keep your skin hydrated that way as well.

Fish Oils

Last but not least because you girls know I believe skin health comes from within, this is a really good time to start taking some fish oils. No matter how hard I moisturized before, I used to always get dry scaley skin under my chin in the winter. When I started taking my fish oils, all of that stopped. I highly rec my Barleans Mango Peach Fish Oils. I love the taste of the stuff and it's great for me. My skin is no where near as dry as it used to be. If you are psycho concerned with your skin like I am, you can also try the Barleans Omega 369 in Pomegranate blackberry. I drink both of those daily. (Don't judge me, I want to beat the clock!)

What are your secrets for getting your skin winter ready?

What are your fave exfoliators and moisturizers?

Tomorrow I'll be reviewing my current favorite peels.




The Style and Beauty Doctor said...

You just reminded me I need to take my fish oils, too!

BonafideLatina~ said...

Great tips :)

Amanda said...

Hi Milly,

I recently came across your blog and absolutely love your posts. Keep the great tips coming!!

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