June Jacobs Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Mask

I have always suffered from hyperpigmentation. My siblings had the clearest most beautiful skin, but I was never that lucky. Growing up, my cheeks were full of dark marks, (left over from acne). Man it was hard being a teen (thank Heavens for my discovery of concealer and foundation). Even now as a grown woman I still get occasional zits (especially when it's my time of month!) and after that I know I'll have to work heavy duty to get rid of the brown mark left behind. Peels are a huge part of helping my dark marks go away and one I've been doing once a week for the last six weeks that I like is June Jacobs Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. This contains 15% pumpkin extract. Pumpkin extract is seriously nutrient rich with essential fatty acids, and zinc (Zinc is a natural anti-inflammatory) . This mask is also power packed with antioxidants, like green tea and red wine. So here's how i use it. The mask is fairly thick, a gel like consistency, and  smells delicious, like pumpkin (I'm all about pumpkin recently, maybe it's because of thanksgiving.). I apply to my face, and leave this on for 10 minutes. I once left it on for 20 minutes (big mistake, skin was so red). I then remove. After 10 minutes, my skin is left glowing and soft. I don't know if this is the reason my marks have been going away so fast lately (remember I use about 10 products a day) but what i do notice is right after using this, my skin really feels smooth, and silky, and when I use my foundation, it just seems to apply better. I also love the massive sources of antioxidants in this. You girls know the plan: Looking 21 Forever! My qualm with this product is the name. This is def not a peeling masque. You have to wash it off.

All in all if you've never tried June Jacobs Mask you may want to give this a whirl.

What are your favorite peeling mask?

What's your solution to getting rid of hyperpigmentation?



Product provided by pr for review, but you should know by now, if Milly don't like it, you don't see it.




Eli said...

Mmm, looks like something I'd eat :)

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