Makeup Used For My Good Morning Connecticut Segment

Hey loves, how was your thanksgiving. Mine was a lot of fun. Went to the parade, and hung with about forty crazy Dominican family members. Had so much fun, and so much food. YUM! I hope yours was amazing and you ate like crazy. I've gotten a lot of emails from you guys asking about the makeup used on my Good Morning Connecticut Segment. When I'm prepping for a segment, the last thing I want to worry about is my makeup, so I always call on one of my closest friend Pam Arnone. Pam and I met a few years back when I worked at the local Fox Channel in NYC. She was a makeup artist there, and we hit it off right away.I feel incredibly close to her, and know that she'll always make me look my best.

Pam and I

Click below to find out what Pam used for the segment.

Anyway, here's what Pam used according to her:


SMASHBOX-  HD Healthy FX Foundation (Medium M2)


MAC- Translucent powder (NW20)


MAC- Satin Taupe lid to crease

MAC- Hush under the brow

SMASHBOX - Cream Eye Liner (Black)


MAC- Harmony (for contour) and Shy Pink (to brighten the apples)


Gloss (Milly's Gloss)

These are the products I used to create Milly's look. Since she is already beautiful I kept it simple.

I applied the foundation with a brush. You can achieve a smooth application using a brush...I applied the concealer with a brush as well...a sponge is porous and will absorb most of the product. Use sponges with thick cream foundations as apposed to liquid.

Before moving on to eyes It's really important to set entire the face with powder. I use translucent because it's very light and has very little pigment. It won't lay heavy over the foundation and won't alter the tone/shade.  

I used 2 eye shadows...Taupe on the entire lid and up to the crease and under her bottom lashes. Hush under the brow...I use this color as a high lighter. It's subtle and not as bright as the typical whiter shades. I didn't go crazy with eye liner...Just a regular line close to the base of the upper lashes to create a thicker lash line and make them pop!

Harmony is a great blush...I've been using it for years. It looks very natural on Milly's complexion. Then I simply brightened her apples with Shy Pink. Finally, I loved her gloss which was Guerlain 866."

  Thanks Pam

Pam is setting up a blog soon at
She's an amazing makeup artist, wonderful person, and my buddy.

Also, fyi the lashes were lash extensions by JJ Lashes in nyc. Their Black Diamond Set. Best thing ever! Reviewing next week.

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Michelle said...

Looking good, Milly! I will be purchasing some of the products that Pam Arnone used on you for your segment. :D

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