Nail Call with Revlon Blue Lagoon and Revlon Blue Mosaic!

I'm loving the combo of these two polishes together. This is Revlon Blue Lagoon from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection, and Revlon Blue Mosaic from the Gucci Westman Expressionist collection. The two together remind me so much of childhood memories. I always wanted to be an ice skater and I imagined my costume would be an ice blue, much like the Revlon Blue Lagoon color, with dark blue glitter on the sides and collar much like Blue Mosaic (although Blue Mosaic contains some tiny green and silver glitter too). I'd also have an ice skating partner named Vladimir and we'd win so many championships together....(don't ask me why his name had to be Vladimir). Sadly where I'm from, there were no ice skating lessons available so my mom put me in piano lessons instead (hated them). Anyway, check out these colors together. I've got them on my nails today.

Revlon Blue Lagoon

Revlon Blue Mosaic and Revlon Blue Lagoon

So let's do a nail call!

What are you rocking on your nails now?

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socialitedreams said...

that's really pretty :) i have on a gradient grey glitter

The Style and Beauty Doctor said...

ha! you will not believe I'm wearing the same style nails as you but in purple! I have on Sephora by OPI in Just a Little Dangerous then Sephora by OPI top coat in Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild on top. Nail twins! (sort of) lol

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