Protect Your Neck!

During the summer, when I went to get my hair done, there was an older woman sitting next to me getting her hair cut. She was really upset with the hairstylist, screaming that she had cut her hair too short. Since the woman couldn’t speak Spanish and the hairstylist really couldn’t speak English, I intervened, and tried to calm the situation. I  then  told the woman that I actually loved her hair that length.   It was then she whispered in my ear that she liked her hair down to her shoulders because she was really self conscious about her neck area. This woman didn’t seem that old, but then I took a look at her neck and her decolette area I saw that her neck  did look a lot older than her face. It was clear to me that she focused most of her anti-aging on her face, and forgotten about er neck and decolette. That is a huge mistake. An aging neck and decolettte can make you look years older. Your neck area has the  thinnest skin on your body and is exposed most of the time to damaging UVA and UVB rays .  Your neck skin also has less collagen to plump it up, so the skin can begin to sag. Dr Oz says one of the biggest mistakes women do, is not moisturize their neck. So basically girls, you need to protect that neck! Here are some neck creams that you may want to give a whirl. Click Below:

Murad Rejuvenating Lift for Neck and Decolette
I don't have a saggy neck or an aging neck yet so this is more for preventative than anything. However, I love that this contains Retinyl Palmitate and a unique Collagen Enhancing Compound renew and refine the texture of aging skin. 

Revive Fermitif Neck Cream with SPF 15

Revive Feritif Neck cream has gotten really great reviews on makeup and it contains
EGF [Epidermal Growth Factor]: which is claimed to be the "youth molecule." According to the revive site a "youth molecule" is  a bioengineered protein that dramatically increases skin cell renewal.

And last but not least because you know I'm a drugstore girl as well. 

L'Oreal Paris Advanced Revitalift Day and Night Cream 

This also has gotten really great feedback and can be purchased in your local drugstore. It contains Retinol which is always a good ingredient to have in any anti-aging cream.

Do you Protect Your neck?

What are you doing to keep that neck looking young?

I also massage my neck too. Mama is trying to stay looking young.




Muslimah Beauty said...

My mother taught me better than to not look after my neck. She tells me that my face might be all plump and youthful but the neck and decolletage are a dead giveaway! Great post :)

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