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 As I told you girls before six weeks ago, Socap Extensions invited me to get extensions at the famed Capelli D’Oro in NYC on 5th ave. Since my hair is already pretty long (3 inches below bra strap, you can look at my past salon reviews to see how it looked before the extensions) I didn’t know if I should do it, but since I like to try anything beauty related once, I decided, What the hey!  My plan was to review the extensions a week after getting them, but then I remembered that Leslie (the hairstylist) told me that I should have them in for six weeks before having to get any maintenance so I decided to wait the six weeks to see (I want this review as accurate as possible), and let’s just say, Leslie was right.  Click Below to Find Out about my hair extension experience. 

 Leslie Correa(my hairstylist) has been a hairstylist for over thirty years and is so knowledgeable when it comes to hair. (He’s a huge believer in coconut oil too.) When the time came for my appointment, my hair was washed, but not conditioned. I asked Leslie why he didn’t put conditioner in my hair, and Leslie explained that over conditioning your hair isn’t good because it can make it fall out. He assured me that my hair would still look amazing without using conditioner and after he blew dry it and used a paddle brush to detangle, he was right! My hair was left super shiny. Leslie explained that before the Socap extensions are put in, the hair can’t have any product in it at all!  If there are products in the hair, the extension bond will slip off. After washing, the hair is blow dried, and flat ironed pin straight. There are no waves at all in hair so Leslie can part the hair and see exactly what he’s doing.

 The hair extensions are then applied by a keratin bond to the hair. Now when Leslie showed me the extensions I couldn’t believe the likeness to my hair. I have jet black hair with tints of brown, and that’s exactly how the extensions looked. The Socap Extensions had some serious shine to them too. I believe all of the Socap extensions comes from India.  (You know they love cocout oil over there too). I told Leslie that I had heard extensions ruined the hair, and he told me that Socap Extensions would not ruin my hair at all. The extensions are applied by  keratin bond, with a little machine that looks kind of like a flat iron. 

Leslie said the best way he can describe the keratin bond is like putting a decal on a tshirt. The decal becomes part of the fiber or shirt, and it won’t come out. Leslie told me there are no restrictions with the hair extensions except you don’t want to put anything with silicones close to the bond of the hair. It took Leslie about two hours to apply, but I wasn't bored. We spent a lot of time discussing hair. He was a wealth of hair knowledge. (You girls know how much I love hair). Anyway when we were done, here’s how my hair looked. 

Here’s how it look when it's styled:

I’ve never thought about growing my hair this long, but I’m def going to do it now. Six weeks later, I have had no problems at all with these extensions. The first night, it felt a little weird to sleep with them because I wasn’t used to having anything in my hair  (they feel like little knots near the root area) but after that first night, they don’t bother me at all. Now I forget that I have them on. I have gone to get my hair done a few times at my local Dominican salon with these on, and they style my hair like normal with no problems. FYI: My hair’s been pulled a few times (get your mind out of the gutter, lil man likes to pull my hair) and these didn’t budge at all. 

All in all, if you want to get extensions and don't know what to do, I highly recommend Socap and Leslie Correa.  The extensions are beautiful, you can't tell I have anything in my hair and they really don't feel like anything.  Leslie is super great too. The people at his salon (including his cute little  pregnant helper Roscio) are super warm and friendly.   The price of this ain't cheap though ladies.These will run over $1000.

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Would you ever get extensions? 

What are your thoughts? 

I hear all of the Kardashian sisters wear them. 




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