Therapy Thursdays: Mr. Milly's Guide - Six Things to NEVER do on a First Date

Girls, this article is written by Mr. Milly. I only edited it a little. All of these opinions are his own. I'm aware it's not Thursday. I forgot to post this yesterday. So without further Ado, here's Mr. Milly:

"When Milly asked me to tell you girls Six Things You Should Never Do On a First Date, I wasn't sure why she thought I would be an expert in that but since she threatened no cooking for a month I knew I better get right to it. These are six things you should never do on a first date if you're looking for a serious relationship. Click below to read Mr. Milly's Words of Wisdom:

1)Don't give too much info about yourself on the first date:  I don't care how great the date is going. Remember you just met this person. You wouldn't tell a stranger on the street your life problems. I say this because honestly, when I first met Milly, she didn't tell me too much about herself, and after that first date, I remembered I was dying for a second date because I realized I really wanted to know more about her.

2) Don't talk about your ex: This is a big NO NO. He/She should never ever come up in the conversation, and if your date  tries to bring them up, say that you prefer not talking about him/her. Believe me, it looks a lot better if your exes don't come up in the first date convo.

3) Don't get drunk: This may just be common sense, but you'll be surprised at how many times I hear about this from friends. The woman gets comfortable, thinks the guy is her new best friend, and all of a sudden, boom, she's drunk. It's not a good look, and if the guy is serious, you'll never hear back from him again.

4) Make decisions: My first date with Milly, I called her before hand, and asked her what she wanted to do. I was super impressed at how she took charge. Right away she told me she would love to try a new restaurant in Queens. That was great for me and super easy. I booked the reservation, and although the restaurant was horrible, I was really impressed that she knew what she wanted.

5) Don't get intimate-If you're looking for a serious relationship with someone, (and other guys would kill me for telling you this)  you should not get intimate on the first date and that means a first kiss too. I don't care if you're having the best first date of your life, and you  think this guy will be your husband and the father of your kids. I always hear Milly tell her friends this, and this is the first time I'll admit that she's right, "Men are hunters and they like to hunt, so don't make things too easy for them." This is absolutely true. If you make things too easy for a man in the beginning, including giving too much of yourself, believe me, they won't feel the need to chase you, and once that chase factor goes away in the beginning, you'll be done.

6) Wait till he calls you after:  A lot of my Friends have told me that they'll go on a great first date with a woman, and immediately right after, they'll get a text, or a call from her. They don't tell me in a good way. I'm not saying that you should never call, but honestly there's nothing wrong with waiting for a guy to call you after a first date. Let me tell you something, if a guy is interested in you, he will do anything in his power to get near you. Contrary to popular belief, a man who wants to see you, will break arrangements with his boys to get near you, a man who wants to see you, will stop watching sports to see you. He will do anything! So if he is interested, believe me, you will hear from him. If not then don't worry about it. There's plenty of other fish in the sea.

Hope this helps." 

Thanks Mr. Milly. We appreciate your words of wisdom.
I was looking forward to not cooking for a month, but since he wrote the article, I'm cooking us some oxtails tonight.Yummy




Anonymous said...

Very nice and so true. I see how u got that ring Milly!

GreenShushi said...

My husband sometimes gives my friends relationship advice--and we women tend to over-analyze situations, "maybe he didn't call me because he was busy" etc. And my husband also always tells them--if a guy is interested, he will do everything to reach you. Period.

socialitedreams said...

thanks mr milly :) I'll be using this guide to get the future mr vonnie :D

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