Weekend Updates & Milly a reggae singer?

Hey Loves, how was your Thanksgiving weekend. I hope amazing. Mine was a lot of fun. On Thursday, we went to see the Macys Annual Thanksgiving Parade. It was a lot of fun, and we had a great view of all of the floats. Here's a pic I took.

Then Thursday night, we went to my grandfather's house to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was a good time, but sad as well. This was the first Thanksgiving without my abuela. My grandparents were married for over 55 years, so my granddad was a little sad. The food was amazing though. So many family members.  So much Food. Yum!!  I showed my family my Good Morning Connecticut segment, and they all laughed at my "professional voice." lol, whatever. On Friday I was going to be brave and do Black Friday but I decided against it. Then Sunday, Hubby and I did our date night. We walked around dowtown Manhattan for a while. I really wanted to buy some pictures, but we just don't have the same taste in photos. Click below to read more about my weekend, and see how I became a reggae singer for a day.lol

I loved this band aid photo,

and this one with memorable people of the world

but hubby said Heck no to both of them. lol

We then ate at our usual spot Ideya. It was reggae night, so of course I decided that I should sing with the band. lol.

When a good reggae song comes on, I get a tad bit too excited.  Actually they invited me up. lol. Anyway, I got about two songs in before they politely told me to leave the singing to them. lol. 

Anyway, that was my weekend.

How was yours?





The Style and Beauty Doctor said...

lmao @ I got two songs in before they politely asked to leave the singing to them! too funny! looks like you had a great time! we need to hang soon :)

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