Essie Navigate Her Spring 2012 Collection Review and Swatches

Hey loves, Essie's Navigate Her Spring 2012 collection has me way too excited for a few reasons. First of all, the colors are gorgeous. And also, the collection pays tribute to ambitious women of action. I love that! Essie says "not content to play it safe and hedge her bets during the wintry economic climate, the change in weather perfectly suits her sunnier outlook. In both Fashion and finance, she's ready willing, and able to strike out and try something fresh and new."   We are all about not playing it safe on this site and making our dreams come true because we know they WILL come true. Anyway, click below to see swatches, and a review.

Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy- a beautiful lilac with shimmer.This one def needs two coats. One coat isn't enough. It applies evenly though.

Essie Tour De Finance-this is one of my faves. Fuchsia seems to be big this year. a gorgeous fuschia with slight shimmer. so pretty. Once coat is ok with this one. but this pic has two.

Essie Navigate Her-A pale green creme Probably my least fave just because this color always looks weird on me.  You def need two coats with this one. One coat went on streaky.

Essie Orange It's Obvious-Hello it's an orange! You girls know how I love orange. This is super pretty orange creme. No shimmer on this one.

Essie Ole Caliente-This is a reddish coral. Very pretty. Probably my second fave. 

Essie A Crewed Interest-This is a pretty peach. However, I needed three coats for this to be even. 

 All in all, I like this collection a lot. The colors are gorgeous, and suitable for all occasions, and yea two may have applied a little streaky but with another coat, that was fixed right up. 

What are your thoughts on this collection?

What's your fave color?

This collection will hit stores Feb. But I'm giving away a set next week. FYI: you must like our facebook page to be in involved in any of our giveaways. (I'm so pushy! lol)




JoJo said...

They are all gorgeous colours but, I am really in love with Navigate Her, Ole Caliente and A Crewed Interest

Mandii said...

This collection is interesting from Essie... the light purple reminds me of Lilacism and Nice is Nice, the green one seems a bit iffy in color but I'm loving the orange and the red,coral one!

Amber said...

I think the green looks good on you.

Catherine said...

Thanks so much for posting these - Essies are my favourite polish and I've been dying to see swatches! I think my favourites are the fuschia and the red/coral. I'd love to wear the lilac and peach but they usually look awful on my skintone!

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