Mychelle Dermaceuticals Detox Cranberry Mud Mask

How was your weekend loves? Snow came and went in NYC.  Sunday I took it easy, and had a great day of pampering ME. I gave myself a facial, pedicure, mani, and did my hair. I hope you girls make time for yourselves. It's so important. Anyway, one of my fave masks to detoxify my face from a stressful week is Mychelle Dermacueticals Detox Cranberry Mud Mask. Click below to read my full review:

This mask  contains detoxifying ingredients like Kaolin and Bentonite clay, which work to soak up all the crap off of my face. Then they throw in something called SC@ Totarol from the Totara tree in New Zealand. They say this has been proven to work against acne. It also contains Cranberry because of it's high antioxidant properties. The scent is a slight lavender mint scent. When I apply this thick bluish gray mask to my face, I feel a slight cooling sensation.

They advise leaving this mask on for 10 minutes, but I actually like to leave it on for twenty. When I wash this off, my pores look a lot smaller, my skin feels so smooth and silky but not dry at all, and I've noticed that after using this, a zit that was coming out, by the next morning was gone.   I love that this mask is vegetarian friendly. All in all, I give this an A+

What's your favorite detoxifying go to mask?

Do you have a me day?




MyChelle Dermaceuticals said...

Thank you so much for sharing about our Cranberry Mud Mask! We will be sharing on our Facebook page so our readers can see...your blog is beautiful! We have a blog too (you can find a link to it from our home page) - you should come and visit us, if you haven't already! Have a wonderful day!

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