Olivella Daily Facial Cleansing Tissues

When I went to LA, there were about three nights where I was so tired that I literally slept with a full face of makeup on. (I'm paying for it now with a humongous zit on both my nose and cheek.) That probably would never happen in NYC because I am super religious about keeping wipes next to my bed so that if I'm too exhausted to wash my makeup off, I can just grab a wipe and clean my face with minimal effort.  Some wipes that I'm currently loving are Olivella Daily Facial Cleansing Tissues. They aren't perfect, but they do get the job done. Click below to read my review:

First of all, these wipes contain 100% Olive oil, they are paraben free, and with one side of a wipe (yes, one side) I can pretty much take all of my makeup off. I'm usually iffy about using anything with Olive oil on my sensitive skin but while using this, I didn't experience a breakout. The wipes are pretty thick and smell amazing (kind of like olive oil with a hint of a lavendar essential oil.) I like that after using this, my skin feels so hydrated and soft, and, and my makeup is gone . It's also one of the few wipes that can totally remove my urban decay 24/7 eyeliner with just a swipe (could be because of the olive oil).  My qualm with this is although it doesn't contain parabens, it contains fragrance. If it didn't contain fragrance, these would probably be my fave drugstore wipes. I got these for $7.95 for 30 at a local drugstore. Vitacost has them for $5.95 right now though.

What's your favorite wipes?

Do you remove your makeup religiously at night?




RevealingBeaute said...

My list of wipes includes Specific Beauty, ELF, Green Tea and a generic brand from Dollar General. My most fav from this list is the ELF and Green Tea because I never experienced any irritation.

Tiffany said...

My favorite wipes that I am never without are the Yes to Cucumbers wipes they take off every bit of makeup

beautylogicblog said...

@revealingbeauty I've heard rave reviews about the elf wipes. must pick them up. How are you gorgeous

socialitedreams said...

those sound totally cool. I wonder if they'd make me break out. i've been trying like every type of wipe in existence for a while, love using them :D so convenient! most nights i try to use them and then wash my face with clarisonic, but there are DEF nights that i'm supppper tired and just wipe/sleep

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