Guest Post: Butter London Powder Room Remover

Hey loves, our first guest post is by Vonnie. Today she's reviewing Butter London's Powder Room Remover.

"I am a complete nail polish fiend and have always been; I used to change my nail polish to match my outfit every single day in high school.  One side issue with doing so, however, were the toxic fumes from most nail polish removers.  I swear, I don't know why I didn't invest in a gas mask with the strong smell that most of them exude!

Well, no more worries about that!  Butter London has created "Powder Room" acetone free remover and this stuff is so darling.  It comes in a bottle adorned with lace that looks like something Marilyn Monroe would have on her vanity and the smell is lovely!  It lives up to its name, smelling like soft powder that you'd sweep on with a fluffy powder puff, not at all like nail polish remover!  

Not only does it smell amazing, it also takes off polish in two swipes which I find to be uber beneficial.  I don't have to scrub at my nails, do any chants to get polish off, beg, plead, or sell my first born.  It just easily swipes off!   I have gone through two bottles of this stuff and want to continuously use it! :)"
Vonnie this stuff sounds great, thanks for sharing the review. 
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What's your fave nail polish remover. 
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EbonyYoungin said...

I tried that one and I wasnt impressed. I was impressed with the 100% pure acetone. That baby gets layers off in one swipe!! LOL.

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