Mally Beauty & Sally Hansen At Tracy Reese Fall 2012 & Mally's Secret For long lasting Marriage

Hey my loves, this week has been crazy. I had 16 fashion shows scheduled and out of the blue my babysitter tells me she can't come for a week.  So, needless to say I was a little annoyed, and since Mr. Milly is away on business, it's been super hard to get to the shows, but one backstage show I would never miss is TRACY REESE. And that's because my love Mally Roncal is the beauty guru behind that show. You girls know how much Mally means to me. She was the first person that we ever got an interview with, and she's always so much fun. Anyway, the look at Tracy Reese was actually very wearable. Mally said " I have to say, this might be my FAVORITE look that Tracy and I have ever created! It is fresh, modern, cool, and just as wearable and appropriate off the runway as it is on the runway!"

The skin was flawless with a  bit of bronze, and  super highlighted.  Mally used her Lip magnifier in cafe, which is more on the neutral side with a hint of rose.  The star of the beauty look was the brows and eyeliner. I always get excited when Mally comes out with a new eyeliner because I truly think her's are one f the best. I once asked Joyce Bonelli (Kim K's makeup artist) what's the one product she can't live without. Her answer, "Mally Eyeliner."
 The eyeliner used was pencil eyeliner. There were a few different kinds, electric blue, electric teal, electric purple.  Mally didn't want it to look too retro. She really wanted it to look as if the girls applied it themselves. The eyes were inspired by Tracy's collection, which was super colorful. Totally un-releated, but look how stunning this model is. I couldn't stop photographing her.

Again totally random (but you girls should know how I am by now)I asked Mally and her husband what the secret is to their long marriage is, in unison they both said, "lots of sex." 

Ok so the nails were stunning. The colors were by Sally Hansen, Scarab which was a gorgeous shimmery blue and Copperhead- a beautiful metallic copper. These polishes were new technology exclusive to Sally Hansen. They almost looked like foils. And they used real silver to create the glow.  Really Beautiful. The polish is so new, the collection doesn't even have a name yet.

Loving both of those colors. 

What do you think of the makeup and nails?

Do you love it? 

What do you think about Mally's marriage advice? 




EbonyYoungin said...

Ooooh very very very pretty color.

Ms. G said...

The model is Fatima - she was on America's Next Top Model. So glad she went on to do big things.

beautylogicblog said...

@ebonyyougin Yes I love the color too.

beautylogicblog said...

@ms. G ah ok, thanks so much. she's breathtakin in person.

JoElla said...

I cannot wait for Scarab to come out! What a beautiful color.

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