Motives for LaLa Lip Glosses Lip Shines Part 2 Review and Swatches

Hey loves, so as I told you before, I'm really digging the new  Motives for LaLa Lip shines Lip glosses. In my review,  I told you that these glosses are so great, super pigmented, so hydrating and just have some serious staying power. I can't get over how pretty some of them are. Click below to see my swatches of the rest of the Motives for Lala Lip shine Lip glosses :

Motives for LaLa Sunset Blvd  -

Motives for LaLa Bella 

Motives for Lala Gossip

 Motives for Lala  Drama Queen

 Motives for Lala Amazing

Motives for Lala Big Apple

Motives for Lala Preciousa

Here are swatches on hand:

sunsetblvd, Bella, gossip, dramaqueen, amazing, celeb, big apple, preciousa, dreamer (cleargloss)

What's your fave color in this collection?

I'm obsessed with sunset blvd, gossip, and big apple.

What are yours?




EbonyYoungin said...

Everyone says how great they are. I really want to try them oney, perhaps when they make their way into mass retail stores.

Khadine (Cosmetic Passion) said...

oooh, I like "Gossip"! I think that color looks the best on you.

Tiffany said...

Thank you!! I was dying to see a swatch of Preciosa before I bought it. Have a great weekend, Milly!

Mandii said...

I think sunset and bella are lovely colors! I'm going to have to get me these glosses!

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