Motives For LaLa Lipgloss Lip Shine= Milly's new Obsession

 La La Anthony has just released a new makeup line, Motives For LA LA, and her glosses/lip shines should definitely be on your radar.  I was sent: Trend Setter (orange color on top) La Reina  (middle color) that means Queen in Spanish and Flirt for consideration.These lipglosses are really great for a few reasons. Click below to see my review and swatches:

First of all, they are super pigmented-well with the exception of La Reina which is a nude color. They apply very evenly, and they aren't sticky at all. In fact, they are very hydrating to the lips. The taste of these are like a  pure vanilla cupcake. Reminds me of the cake my Abuela used to make me on my birthday. (Ever had Dominican cake? It will change your life.)
Here are swatches of the tree shades:

From left to right: Trendsetter: La Reina, and Flirt

Trendsetter is a beautiful semi-opaque orange with flecks of gold glitter One of the prettier glosses I've seen in some time.

La reina-a very sheer nude. Love this alone or layered over Motives  Trendsetter.

 Flirt-a gorgeous opaque deep fuchsia with flecks of silver sparkle. Really pigmented.
All in all I really love the Motives For La La lip line. I love how pigmented they are, how long lasting-got three hours of good wear with these, how moisturizing they are to the lips and how yummy they taste! (lol) I can picture wearing that Motives Trendsetter orange color in the summer constantly.

Have you checked out Motives by LaLa? 

What are your thoughts?

You can purchase Motives by LaLa here




EbonyYoungin said...

That ish looks to flippin cute. You can tell she actually wearss the make up too. I can't wait to put my hands on them...AND THEIR NOT STICKY?! Score!!

Tiffany said...

I can't wait to try these! All the colors look so pretty... I have some lipshines, a few blushes and the eyeshadow palette on my wishlist.

beautylogicblog said...

@ebonyyoungin yes I love her glosses. they are so good.

beautylogicblog said...

@tiffany they are really great, and they taste yummy too.

JennySue said...

i haven't heard of those, but that nude color is actually really beautiful. i think la la herself is gorgeous so i have no doubt she put a lot of heart into these glosses!!! so jealous of your full lips- whenever i do lipgloss swatches like that, i always wish for a fuller pout to show off!! next to a beautiful looking gloss, i always need hydration for my lips, so that is a huge plus in your description- thanks for sharing.

beautylogicblog said...

@jennysue thanks doll, fyi i'm so loving your blog!

Girlie Blogger said...

Very nice colors.

gothamcitymom said...

I luv that nude! And fyi my mom had her own dominican cake baking business when i was growing up. It was in queens. And dominican cake rocks!

Lauren said...

I have been settling into my new home and I am so happy to finally be able to catch up on your blog ! I have missed your always honest and adorable posts, Milly. I want to try these lip glosses especially since you said they are not sticky and that is my biggest pet peeve with glosses !


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